Day 245 Days of Silver ~~ Two Thirds of the Way!

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.”
~~ Jim Rohn

So actually it was a couple days ago…but my math’s not so good.

The point is that I have written every day for two hundred and forty five days in my blog 365 Days of Silver! I have found at least one thing to be grateful for every single day. I have looked for and found the silver lining in every day.

I’ve been grateful for my ability to write stories and make money doing it

For my publisher–both the company and Elizabeth North, the sweet and brilliant woman who runs it

My mother

My father

For choice

For humor

For health

For the fact that I am gay

To be a citizen of the United States

My blogs

For good teeth

For vacations

For my new knees

For sarongs

For skinny dipping

For kisses

For the ability to accept myself for the way I am (and know I am not “ugly”)

For Midwest Men’s Festival

For delicious food

For my sweet dog Sarah Jane

For my publisher

Gifts of free books from fellow writers

For ripe and delicious peaches

For the passage of same-sex marriage (so now it can be just called marriage)

For being legally married to my man!

For my five senses

For guidance

For friends

For Glee

For having a home

For finding home in Brookfield, MO, my husband’s home town…and finally found myself loving it

For Spiritual growth

For God

And there’s a whole lot more

So any time I feel tempted to wonder if it’s all worth it…I can look at this blog…and see that my blessings are never ending!

B.G. Thomas


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