About the Blogger

Greetings! I’m BG Thomas and I live in Kansas City with my husband of over a decade and our fabulous little dog, Sarah Jane. I see my wonderful daughter just often enough to miss her when she isn’t there!

I have a romantic soul and I am extraordinarily lucky to have many friends.

For some time now people have been telling me what a positive person I am, that I can always find a silver lining in every situation. Well, I try. But I don’t always find the silver lining. I sure have come a long way from the man I was fifteen years or so ago though. There was a time that I was so negative that I would cry on Friday afternoon (literally) because I had to go to work on Monday morning—ignoring the fact that I had a whole weekend ahead of me to enjoy. My philosphy was to expect the very worst—if it didn’t happen then I wasn’t dissappointed.

But sometime during the end of a deeply damaging marriage, some inner part of me began to struggle for survival. They say even a mouse will fight when trapped. Wrll, there was some little inner mouse inside of me that wanted to LIVE. And somehow, bit by bit, I began to change. I heard the words, “Leap, and the net will appear,” and something kindled inside. As the days passed, I found I was beginning to be able to see the silver lining. It wasn’t easy at first, but as time went on, it became easier and easier. Like joining a gym. It hurts at first and you don’t see much progress. But then one day you see yourself in the mirror and wonder, Hey! When did that happen?

I am not always upbeat. Ask my husband. I can be down or bitchy with the rest of them. But I’ve dedicated my life to finding and keeping my bliss.

Starting about August of 2014 I went into a bit of a down slope. Concerned, my mother asked me if I had lost my joy. No. I haven’t. But I did forget to start each day with finding something to be joyful for, something to be grateful for. That’s how I found JOY in the first place back in those dark days. So I decided to dedicate this year to doing that once again. Maybe you’ll take the journey with me.

One of the things I really like about being the age I am is that I can see, proof positive, that it really does get better. Life has cycles. I can peer back and see that no matter how bad certain periods of my life were, they got better. I know this little slump I went into is child’s play.

I very much believe in “The Law of Attraction” and that “thoughts become things.” And all we have to do is…

1) Ask
2) Believe
and we will
3) Receive

I believe that we all are Divine expressions of the Universe, each and everyone.

“It is never too late! Pursue your dreams! They will come true!”

B.G. Thomas

PS: I love to hear from my readers so feel free to use the form below to get in touch with me 🙂


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