Day 29 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Here Comes the Sun!


“Can you see the sunset real good on the West side? You can see it on the East side too.”
― S.E. Hinton, The Outsiders

There is something interesting—and frustrating—about working twelve hour shifts.

During the “dark” part of the year, I leave in the morning for work and it’s pitch black out and when I walk out of the building after work it’s pitch black as well. I don’t see any sunlight on any day I work. And during these past couple of months with all this mandatory overtime, that is very little sunlight indeed.

Exposure to the sun in the right amounts makes our bodies produce vitamin D. According to the website Vitamin Council, we can’t get the vitamin D we need from food.

Vitamin D is good for our overall health and strong bones. It helps us fight infection. It helps with muscle function, our hearts, brain development and has anti-cancer effects. It also is being proven to help with depression. A lack of sun causes what is known as the “Winter Blues.”

The only way to get vitamin D is either through exposure to the sun or with supplements.

So it’s very likely this lack of sun at this time of year has exacerbated my “slump.” It’s not common for me to be “depressed” and these past few months have been a first for me in several years.

I love the sun! I miss it during the winter. It bugs me that my work shifts ensure that weeks go by where I hardly see it.

But there is something really wonderfully amazing about those shifts. It has made me incredibly aware of something that I wouldn’t really have been able to notice before. I slowly, bit by bit, this time of year, get see the sun come back!

Yes! The Oak King has defeated the Holly King and summer will soon be back!

We still have cold times ahead. It was 70° here yesterday, it will be closer to 50° today, but is supposed to be something like 7° on Monday and we could get rain or snow or rain mixed with snow over the weekend. I don’t know if we’ve had two inches this winter though and that makes me happy too! Just one more blessing!

So today I am happy for the sun. That photo is one I took leaving work yesterday.

Yes,” I cried! “Here comes the sun!”
(even if it was a sunset!)

B.G. Thomas