Day Twenty-Three of 365 Days of Silver ~~ I Am Grateful for My Mistakes

Mistakes 3

It took me a long time to be thankful for mistakes, but now I’ve lived long enough to see just how important they are.

I’ve made my share of them.

Quitting college was one. If I could do it over again…!

Quitting a job or two…and not quitting one or two of them!

Staying with my first husband far longer than I should. I bought into the whole thing about it isn’t a relationship unless it lasts my whole life. I took the “for better or worse” to mean WORSE! To put up with a man who was hurting me daily and scaring my emotions and my heart and my soul.

I should have quit earlier. As a matter of fact, he wanted to leave me about five years in. I begged him on my knees not to leave. Oh, what a mistake! The second five years were horrible and only got worse and worse. If only I had trusted in myself. Known that I would make it without him and that I was worthwhile. That I would do okay on my own. And that really, I was never on my own….

Mistakes are a part of growing. But only if we learn from those mistakes….

I even learned from my mistake of staying with my ex too long!

A doozy hit me this past week. I was working on the edits for my new novel and somehow (I don’t know how) the file was corrupted and I lost two days worth of work. Hard work. Emotional roller coaster work!

I had to do it all again. It was rough….

On the other hand, it was a lesson well learned. One, save my documents several places. Even email them out daily so there is a copy out there somewhere. And second, the book might just be the better for it–going through it a second time.

And hey! When I see a fellow author post on their Facebook or on their blog that they lost their work, I will certainly be someone who can understand and empathize with them (and I will!).

Making mistakes is hard. It can be turbulent.

But mistakes have helped shape me into the man I am just as much as my successes.

And I like me. I like me quite a bit.

B,G, Thomas