Day 41 or 365 Days of Silver ~~ So Grateful for Marriage Equality

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Equality. It’s happening. More and more every day. I sit there typing this a married man. I write fiction. I write science fiction. And for most of my life I would not have imagined that I would one day be married to a man!

Years ago, Arthur C Clarke—one of my favorite authors—wrote a sequel to his famous 2001: A Space Odyssey. In that book 2010: Odyssey Two), when Dr. Heywood Floyd heads off into space to find out what happened to Discovery One and HAL the computer, he stops at the space station and has a meal with his friends, a married gay couple. That blew me away. That book came out in 1982 and I won’t say how old I was that year, but old enough to understand and old enough to think it wouldn’t happen by 2010.

Space outposts on the Moon didn’t, but same sex-marriage did. What a wondrous miracle!

There are some who believe this is one more sign of the impending apocalypse and the “End Times,” and that any moment we’re going to hear Gabrielle’s trump blow. How sad….

When I was a little kid my mom was reading a book much like the Left Behind series. I believe it was written in the 1920s. She got a kick out of the fact that one of the sins that “the end” was imminent was that women were smoking in public—a sure sign of how evil mankind had become. Now it’s funny.

I am living for the day when one day people will think it’s funny that anyone could believe that love was a sign of the “End Times.” I am living for the day when people will scratch their heads and say, “Huh? What? There was a time when only certain people were allowed to get married?” I certainly know enough people who can’t believe that whites and blacks couldn’t marry in this country. I was alive (although very young!).

Yesterday the first same-sex couples were married in Alabama. Alabama! And Alabama marks the thirty-seventh state allowing same-sex marriage. There are a six others that are waiting on stays and we know those will get overthrown–which will bring the total to forty-three!

How would you like to be on the wrong side of history and live in those last seven states


be a supporter of same-sem marriage bans?

Today I am grateful for same-sex marriage, equality (come step by step), and love—no matter what its form.

Because all of this? It is not a sign of the “end times.” It is a sign that humanity is finally growing up. It is the “Beginning Times.”

And I’m here to witness it!

B.G. Thomas