Day Two of 365 Days of Silver ~~ I Am Grateful for Dreamspinner Press

“The humblist tasks get beutified if loving hands do them.”
~~ Louisa May Alcott

Today I am grateful for Dreamspinner Press (as well as any other publisher that has produced my writing).

Five years ago I was a deamer, living in fantasies that one day I would be a published author. And now I am. I have six novels under my belt, one to be published in the spring sometime, and I’m well into writing more. I’ve sold numerous short stories and novellas. 2014 saw me edit my first anthology, A Taste of Honey. My novel The Boy Who Came In From the Cold has been translated into German (as well as my holiday short, Biana’s Plan) and will soon published in Korean. Five of my stories are now available as audiobooks, the two that are novels read by the talented (and very handsome) and openly gay actor Charlie David (I’m a fan, so imagine my excitement when that happened).

And now my first free story has just been released. Not too shabby.

I owe it all to Dreamspinner Press and the staff, with most of the credit going to Elizabeth North, Lynn West, Julianne Bentley, Anne Regan, Paul Richmond and Andrew Grey.

And I am especially grateful to my editor Andi Byassee, who polishes and polishes and polishes my work and makes sure I shine.

An unbelievable amount of work goes into publishing a book. There are reviewers, editors, artists, and far more—I don’t even understand or know what else is done or how many people are involved. DSP pays out a lot of money to make a book available, trusting there will be a return on their investment.

And to think thay my “free” book—Derek—wasn’t free to produce! A lot of hands touched it from when I emailed it to when it was released to readers.

But Elizabeth and Dreamspinner trusted me. That I was worth it!

They’ve made my dreams come true!

There’s a distinct chance that in the next year or so I can give up my “Evil Day Job” and write full-time!

I’ve wanted that since I was around eighteen, and trust me, that was quite a long time ago.

So thank you Dreamspinner Press! I am so grateful to you!

B.G. Thomas

The covers for the American and German editions for The Boy Who Came In From the Cold.