Grateful! Grateful! Grateful!

12661968_959533920803107_7725886485469469915_n 2

Something about my job…. We work 12-hour shifts so there is a significant part of the year where when we get to work it is pitch dark and when we leave work it is pitch dark. Depressing. Physically as well as mentally and emotionally. But one interesting thing–since we get four more minutes of daylight every day this time of year–is that day we walk out of the building and–LOOK!–the sky is pink! Just a bit!

All hail the Oak King who beat the Holly King in battle on the Winter Solstice! So happy! I was so uplifted!

Then today….

I’ve been having car trouble. The car has been leaking transmission fluid like a son of a b*tch–sometimes as much as two quarts a day. What it looked like was a fix that could cost about $1,500! Which we can not do at this time. But we had to see,

So I took it in this morning and….drum roll please!…it only cost $128! It was a leaky hosey something-ie and now I am driving again! HURRAY!!!

Love love love

Grateful grateful grateful

AND the writing is flowing again

Thank You Universe!

Thank you!

B.G. Thomas



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