Day 358 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Thankful for Christmas Lights

Oh, Christmas lights, light up the street
Light up the fireworks in me
May all your troubles soon be gone
Those Christmas lights keep shinin’ on
~~ Coldplay

Growing up I always loved Christmas lights. They were magical. Of course that was back when the bulbs were the same size as the ones often used in night lights. And there were only a few colors. If I remember right; white, red, green…and maybe yellow and orange?

But that made them no less lovely.

Through the years the sellers of such stuff have gotten smart and thrown us all kinds of lights and decorations through the years. Smaller and brighter, blinkies of all different speeds and patterns, more colors, icicles, and more. More being such things as all the scenes/scenery stuff—nativities and Christmas stars and flying reindeer and lit up blow up Santas and snowmen and countless other delights.

I guess there are those that could say it’s all very commercialistic and it’s all about Walmart and other such giants trying to make a buck.

To you I say, “Bah, humbug!” I love Christmas decorations—re, lights. They so often look to me like the houses have been sprinkled with those little itty-bitty pieces of candy that people shake over Christmas cookies! The little balls, not the stuff that looks like glitter. Soooooooo pretty!

There are all kinds of displays and setups! Some people go with all one color. Some with only cool or only warm. Some people think that less is more and others seem to be trying to signal in the Mother Ship from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Some displays are masterworks and I think secretly to myself, gay men did this house. Lights flawlessly lined up, usually in colors that I wouldn’t necessarily thing of as Christmas, say silver and purple with huge bows of shimmery fabric here and there and a large matching perfect wreath on the door.

Then there’s the houses with so many blow-ups and statues and plastic characters crammed onto their lawns, so many lights on their houses (all mismatched and hung any which way) that I wonder if their December light bill is higher than the rest of the year combined. The word “tacky” might apply.

I don’t care, I love ‘em anyway. I love the tacky and the minimalist and the crazy and the bright and the blinkies and those houses that I shamelessly credit to fashion conscious (and perhaps OCD) homosexuals.

There are neighborhoods where all the neighbors get together and decorate the whole block—in matching themes. It’s like a modern electric Winter Wonderland.

Sometimes a small city will set up their park and let people sign up to light up certain sections. That’s what happened last year down in Arkansas where my mom lives. We drove through it and it was like some kind of Christmas light Disneyland ride. I freaking loved it! There were Christmas trout! I kid thee not (the town my mom retired to is famous for their fishing and trout) I loved it!

Years ago my parents participated in this park-thing. My dad created this elaborate board filled with lights before he died. It was easy to take down so my mom would, with a little help, set it up again year after year even after he passed—but she finally had to stop.

I used to put up a lot of lights, but that was when I was with my ex and he didn’t mind climbing like a monkey all over our very tall house. My legally wed husband on the other hand isn’t into all of that and since I can’t stand on a kitchen chair to change a light bulb in a ceiling fixture we have joined the ranks of what I would call minimalist decorators. I will put up those clear hose-things with lights inside. Around the porch. Where I don’t have to climb. And they’re pretty enough.

I miss all the lights though. But, ah well. Who knows what could happen next year?

Anything could happen.

For weeks now I’ve been taking pictures of Christmas lights. But funny thing, I’m not seeing as many as I am used to, which made me a little sad. Maybe it’s the price of the electric bill?


Because Christmas lights brings back my childhood and I am a pretty darned amazing childhood. Very magic. And we had lights. Lots of them. *happy sigh*

Last night my hubby drove me all over Brookfield looking for lights. There weren’t as many as I hoped, even in Small Town Midwest America, but there were still a lot. And they fit all the categories I have mentioned above. I had a ball.

On this day, where there are only eight days left of both the year and 365 Days of Silver, I am very thankful for Christmas lights.

And especially for a husband who was willing to drive me all over town to take pictures. I asked for five minutes. He gave me near an hour. I would say, “Okay, we can go home now” (being very aware that what we were doing was not his thing) and then he would say, “Oh look, want me to go down this street?”

I am teary thinking of it. I think he loves me. *grin*

And what is more “Christmas” than that? What more holiday and Chanukah and Solstice and Kwanzaa that that?

Because the overriding theme is Love, right?

And wow, what is there to be more grateful for than love?

Much Love and Happy Holidays,
B.G. Thomas

PS: I would love to see your holiday lights if you want to share them.
PPS: *hint*hint*

This is Kansas City’s famous Plaza. The light it up each year and it is simply stunning!

A gay couple owns this house. Are you surprised? I love these two guys and have been in their home several times. They’re the penultimate hosts! I can’t figure out how they get this giant display up!

This house I found both lovely and a little bit spooky at the same time. Loved it!

One of many, many Nativities I saw. This one though, instead of being plastic statues, was some kind of billboard. Very bright.

This one struck me because of just how high that star was. Hope you can tell by the photo. They really missed a bet skipping a Nativity set.

This Nativity made me laugh and laugh (sacrilegiously though it may have been). Check the inset. The three kings are laying on the ground. We couldn’t figure out if it was the fact that they were just so tuckered out after their long long journey that they just decided to take a nap after delivering the gold, frankincense and myrrh em or if they had partied a bit too hardy after the self-same gift delivery!

Something mysterious happened to this flying reindeer. It looks to me like perhaps he was strung up after being hunted. See the red blood beneath him?

I wish you could see just how gorgeous the tree in the window is here in this picture. Hundreds of lights along with huge red bows made it stunningly gorgeous. I am betting a gay man decorated it!

I simply loved the three snowmen sitting on the porch swing at this house!

My husband thought I was making fun of Brookfield in my quest for tacky lights. he couldn’t have been more wrong. I love them all and this house–the winner as far as I am concerned, was wonderfully wonderfully tacky! LOVED IT!

I left the rest of these smaller. Click on them if you want to see them bigger!










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