Day 356 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Thankful for Pain Relievers

Not that I like to take pain relievers—I try and wait most days. But when relaxation doesn’t help and I don’t have access to a hot bath (or even when I do, like right this second)—it’s nice to have access to them.

I had a very rough day at work. I wouldn’t say it was necessarily a bad day. Not compared to how they’ve been at work. But it was a rough day.

(Side note: Yesterday was a great day. A really great day. At work. The first good day I can remember while at work in months. Perhaps a year even.)

Today the overtime work they’ve been expecting for almost two weeks hit and hit with a vengeance.

I am aching everywhere. My back. My knees. My feet. My legs. My shoulders. My right elbow (!!!). At some point my right big toe nail (of the toe that I have mentioned is sometimes completely numb since my right knee replacement) got tore up and bled into my sock and the one relief is that it’s numb enough that I don’t feel any real pain there….

And what can I do? I can take a few pills (and I mean a few, no more) and the pain will go away!

Not that I’m all that worried about pain. I mean after a heart attack at 38, several afibs, and appendicitis, the after effects of an appendicitis (where they had accidentally stuck my intestine closed) that was so horribly painful while I was in bed I hallucinated a shimmering rainbow ghost-stagecoach explode out of the wall, leap over me, and then plow into the opposite wall, a gallbladder attack (where it turned out it had gangrene) then what I am going through today is (you should excuse the cliché) is peanuts.

But the thing is that I don’t have to suffer.

I can run to my local CVS and get some pain relief.

I can even get the CVS brand which is much cheaper.

And pick up my low strength aspirin (for my heart) that I was out of.

And now I’ve taken it and in just a half hour I am already feeling better.

I’d say that’s something to be grateful for.

And I am.

I think I can get back to editing now!

B.G. Thomas


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