Day 355 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ The Joys of Crossword Puzzles

“There seem to be two main types of people in the world, crosswords and sudokus.”
~~ Rebecca McKinsey

A few years ago my crossword puzzle skills were pretty negligible. But then with a little help from my friend Caryl, I got better and better at them and soon came to enjoy them a lot.

I’m no whiz like Caryl or my faerie brother Alan aka Leadfoot. She uses a pen and he can do five a day, some in mete minutes.

But I’m no slouch either!

The one in People magazine is ridiculously easy and I’ve never finished a NYT puzzle, not even Monday’s. But the Kansas City Star has a good one though. Some days it will take me (on and off throughout the day) about an hour, and on a good day about fifteen minutes! I get excited when I can do that!

They’re so much fun.

But what’s really cool is that working a crossword puzzle puts my brain into a different rhythm. A different mindset. The old neurons seem to fire in a different way.

I love it as it all, quite suddenly, starts coming together like magic and I begin solving the clues faster and faster. It’s a thrill!

But what I really like is that working those puzzles somehow activates a creative part of my brain. If I do a crossword and then start writing…?

Words begin to flow easier. My inner library of knowledge more accessible. My vocabulary changes for the better, along with my word usage.

Somehow crossword puzzles activate my creativity on an exciting level. Without thinking I’ll pick different words that I might usually use (I way overuse certain words like “amazing”).

As I said, it’s exciting.

So first of all, crossword puzzles are fun. And second, they’re useful. My brain works better and my creative side is boosted.

And it’s perfectly safe, and healthy!

All in all, I can’t go bad.

And how can l be anything less than grateful for that?

B.G. Thomas

P.S. Does anyone know a four letter word for “sled race?”


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