Day 351 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Thankful for My Magnet Collection

Years ago I went to someone’s house and found it covered with as much as a hundred magnets or more. I was amazed. I’d see a few here and there. Maybe a dozen—that’s why my mom had. But that many?

I vowed one day I would have a refrigerator covered in them. And now I do.

They commemorate so many things. Times in my life, vacations, stage productions, favorite movies, sayings that mean a lot to me, sexy men, and more.

At one time magnets were what friends got for me when they traveled—like a souvenir.

But as I got more and more and pretty much the whole surface was covered, I decided to make a change…because I wasn’t going to stop collecting them.

So the new rule was (for the most part) they had to be magnets that I bought in places that I had actually been. That way when I look at them, they remind me of the places were I was, shows I had seen, sayings that struck me.

It is surprising how much pleasure I get from my magnet collection….

Collecting them, moving them around to find a place for new ones, looking at them….

It struck me tonight, in these last couple weeks of 365 Days of Silver, to remember to be grateful for even the smallest things.

And to remember to be thankful for them too.

B.G. Thomas

This picture includes two of my favoirtes. The top lift hand one says “Metropolitan Refrigerator of Art,” and the one right under that one says, “Dairy Soap, Have you a little fairy in your home?” Why yes, yes I do…. There is also several of my very favorite musicals there with powerful memories attached.




This guy can be naked or wear clothes from all different seasons. He belonged to a very nice man named John and he’s with me every day with this magnet.


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