Day 347 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Thankful for the Matchbox Bar & Grill


Stopped by the Matchbox on the way home tonight and I am glad I did. I haven’t been in awhile because for the time being they’ve stopped serving food during the week and it’s rare that I stop by a bar to drink—at least all alone. Plus the owner had a lot going on in her life and was hardly there and one of the partners didn’t get in until 7:00 and I get off at 6:00 and I wasn’t going to wait around to socialize with her.

But there’s been some changes and they are only going to get better by the day and that’s very exciting. The kitchen was closed but they made me a pizza (and wasn’t that cool). The owner is now going to be there a lot and we’re friends.

See, one of the reasons I stop there—even though it a very straight bar—is that the Matchbox is the owner’s dream. She leapt. A net appeared.

She has all the struggles of a new buiness owner and I’ve heard that if you can survive that second or third year, then you can make it.

She’s decided to keep leaping.

And that inspires me.

Especially since I helped inspire her to reach for her dream.

So it’s circling back and back and back again.

She’s also given me some very good advise in my leaping.

Tonight I am grateful that I stopped by the Matchbox. Got a good meal, a couple of wonderful Bloody Marys, some wonderful company, the reminded that love and hope circles back and back again, advice on my leaping and more.

That’s a lot to be grateful for.

Isn’t paying it forward a wonderful thing?

B.G. Thomas

The amazing pizza at Matchbox


Beth. the lovely inside and out owner with one of her partners in business, Shannon


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