Day 338 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ I Love Aromatherapy Candles

“I wish we could see perfumes as well as smell them. I’m sure they would be very beautiful.”
~~ L.M. Montgomery

I love my sense of smell almost more than any other of my five senses.

And I love the wonderful aromas that can be released into the air from insense and candles and lotions and oils.

They can be too strong. I know a guy at work who needs to understand moderation.

My favorite incense in Nag Champa. It makes me feel like I am in a holy place, a safe and sacred space, a spiritual place….

But what I really like are the aroma candles and those night lights with the scented wax.


Amber and lavender are two of my favorites. I also like fresh linen and a host of others. Not often fond of the ones with names like “sea side nights” or “rain forests” or “mountain tops.” I don’t think of those things when I check the scents.

No I am much more into natural scents that come from flowers or plants and resins and the like.

Some people claim that they can’t breathe around such scents, that it makes their throats seize up, gives them headaches, and more. I am so glad that isn’t true for me! I love my sense of smell and the way it can make me feel.

I like slipping into a tub and lighting candles and putting on some Christine Cane and pouring a favorite vino and losing myself in a heavenly place.

Yes…that is what makes me happy.

So thankful for my sense of smell…and for aroma candles.

One more of life’s very simple little pleasures.

B.G. Thomas

photograph by sebastiansantanam8qnfs from morgueFile


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