Day 334 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Thankful for Friends Who Pick Up the Tab

“The smallest gesture can mean so much to those who may need a little lift in their lives.”
~~ Gordon B. Hinckley

It happens every so often and when it does, why it’s quite a blessing. Someone picking up the tab.

A month or two ago, while at GRL (a huge gay romance literature event) I had breakfast with my friend and fellow writer Michael Murphy (if you haven’t read him you should, his writing is utterly charming). We got the buffet, which wasn’t cheap, and caught up—I only see him once or twice a year—and I had a marvelous time. It was very nice because I am been going through quite a stressful time.

Then to my surprise Michael picked up the tab. I tried to argue and he insisted.

And he had no idea how much he touched me and how blessed I felt and how needed the gesture was.

Then a couple days later I was having breakfast with Sandra Harden—a wonderful lady, a sweet friend, and head of the terrific MM review website My Fiction Nook—and again we were catching up and I learned a lot about her that I hadn’t known before.

And then what happens?

She got the bill. I was stunned. I told her she shouldn’t and she assured me she should. And would.

Again I was deeply touched. It meant more to me than she could know.

And a week or so later, one of my best friends, Linnea, got a night off of work—this is a rarity, she always works nights—and she called and wanted to know if I would like to hang out and get some cocktails. Once more, except for some food I had that I insisted on paying, she picked up the tab. She didn’t need to, but she did. In fact, she pays often and it always means so much.

I’m not poor, but I’m not rich either—yet!—and it’s nice when people perform such kindnesses. Once in awhile I find a way to return the favor to friends…or the Universe.

Not so long ago I was in a drive thru and paid for the food for the person in line behind me. I hope it made their day—not to toot my own horn, because they never knew who I was—but because sometimes these little things happen just when we need them.

Consider paying the tab sometime.

You never know just when it will be at the exact right time in someone’s life.

B.G. Thomas

photographs by mensatic from morgueFile


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