Day 330 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for How Things Work Out

“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”
Hugh Wilson, WKRP In Cincinnati

It is Thanksgiving morning. Our meal last night was a big success. My husband’s mother and grandmother came over as well as our neighbor.

This lady—quite fascinating—is from Germany and has lived here about seven years. She is a translator and what she translates is all kinds of business and legal documents. Contracts and business statements and the like. In German there are plenty of people who do this and she came here because there aren’t. She likes it, it’s easy, because it is all very cut and dry. I showed her the English and German versions of The Boy Who Came In From the Cold a while back and she was very impressed. She was able to report that I would be very happy. Stories are far different that what she translates as the translator has to add feelings, cultural stuff, etc. Slang and jokes and puns might not work in German and they have to understand what the author was going for. This made me very happy. She also gave us a gift of a teeny tiny carved scene inside a matchbox. She says that there is this village in German that their entire income is making these itsy bitsy scenes. It was really cool.

As for R’s mother, something wonderful happened. Last night was her Thanksgiving meal! She as to work today, tomorrow, and Saturday until eight. Her brother, who is an over the road trucker, and his wife and two kids and grandkid are all going to R’s grandmother’s house on Saturday and eating around five. So not only was that too late for us because we have to drive home so I can be at work on Sunday, but it also meant she was just going to have warmed up leftovers. She got to sit at a big table and eat a big hot meal. And the dogs got some pure pumpkin stirred in with their dog food—it is extremely good for them—and R spoiled them by adding some stuffing and turkey.

And it was good. We bought a breast instead of the whole turkey as neither R or I care for the greasy dark meat. So every year we cram the turkey carcass in the refrigerator because the dark meat is so much harder to cut off the bone and we’re too tired after a big feast day, and we cut off bits over the next week and stick it dishes like Hamburger Helper which covers up that taste of the dark meat—you will never catch me at an event like Renaissance Festival with a turkey leg, ewww—and then the rest starts to smell as it goes bad and we throw it all away and even the dogs stay out of our trash (it’s that bad by that point, LOL!). So we had this noodle salad and potato salad and stuffing and yams and green bean casserole and rolls and pumpkin pecan strudel pie and it was all quite delicious—not to mention a delightful pinot grigio wine from Oak Leaf.

The Oak Leaf has a funny story that goes with it. Way back when I was first seeing R, there was this other guy I had dated a few times who wanted me to chose him over R. He had taken me to dinner one night and bought me dinner, including a merlot by Oak Leaf that was something like $25.00. He also told me he didn’t know how to figure out the tip and pushed the bill over to my side so I could see how much the meal cost. Terribly tacky. I am a math idiot and I know how to figure out ten percent and double it for the twenty percent! A week or so later R and I were at the Walmart in Brookfield and I saw the very same bottle of wine. And it was right around six bucks! LOL! So we laugh about that now and again and had to pick the Oak Leaf for dinner last night. This guy had money and taste and was interested in far more spiritual matters than R will ever be. But wow did I turn out with the right guy. So much love to give. And the other guy? He gave up trying to lead a gay and moved back in with his wife. I hope they’re happy.

I got a text from my mother (my mother texting—I will never get used to it!) and her new husband’s health is improving. They got married several months back and less than a month later he had a massive stroke and he has still not come home. Married again after over ten years of being lonely (she said she hadn’t realized she was lonely until he came along) and one month of being married and now it’s been nothing but the hospital and now the convalescent home. He took 28 steps the other day, with the cross bars. It is going to be slow but he is coming along—praise God. My mom was texting to let us know they were having Thanksgiving dinner at the home. He is still with us and eating a meal that for once she didn’t have to prepare in just about all her seventy some years of life. She was truly Thankful that he was still here and they were celebrating such an important day together.

After everyone left R and I actually cleaned up the meal and put everything away. There isn’t a lot and we will probably finish it tonight. Thanksgiving meal, warmed up or not, will be nice. And it’s certainly better than the food they are serving today to the people from my work that won’t get to be at home with their loved ones. I spare them now some thought and love and glad tidings. I hope it is very slow and maybe today will be one of the first times they get to go home early.

It also seems that the big Walmart here in Brookfield starts their Black Friday tonight as six. If we were having our big meal wouldn’t get there until after seven. Now I’ve only done BF one or two times. Since it’s gotten to be such a big deal, I’ve been working. But there are these two little computers that would be perfect for my writing needs—one is about $80 and the other $125! OMGosh! So we have the ability to brave the storm and check it all out. One of those computers would not only make traveling a heck of a lot easier, even allow me to write on those long flights, but I could take it to work. We can’t have anything like that out on the production floor. They claim that people could take pictures or something and that could destroy business. But the computer is so small I could keep it in my bag and then take it to the break room and write on breaks! I am so excited. Whatever happens, it’s fine.

Because today really proves that everything works out just as it should. Everything turns out fine—as long as I am not stubbornly and with clenched teeth determined on what that outcome is. If I can let go and Trust, then all will be well.

1) The neighbor, who has no relatives in this country, got to have a big hot meal and we all got to know each other better.

2) R’s mother got to have a hot Thanksgiving meal with family that she wouldn’t have had otherwise.

3) I got her magnificent deviled eggs!

4) I didn’t have to work today and even though I’m not cooking the big meal like I love to (making a few big meals a year is fun), I did do it—with R at my side and helping every step of the way—yesterday. So what if it’s leftovers today? I don’t need a meal today to be thankful. I’m home! I’m home!

5) Which means I am not at work.

6) My mom didn’t have to make Thanksgiving dinner and she had it with her husband who is alive and recovering.

7) I will get to experience the madness that is Black Friday and I might get a new computer.

8) I am truly learning to Trust.

9) It’s 61° today and not snow! Score!

And that’s not counting….

A) I am legally married to a wonderful man.

B) I have two wonderful dogs.

C) I have a second home in Brookfield that the plumbing is now finally almost fixed. Toilets that work! We might even be able to use the hot tub tonight. The coil doesn’t keep it hot enough but we can fill it with the hose and pour in a few pots of boiling water if need be.

D) I have Internet access that will allow me to post this today.

E) I am changing lives for the better. I got an email day before yesterday that made me cry happy tears from a woman who is turning her life around and tells me that I helped give her the courage.

F) I am on day Day 330 of 365 Days of Silver! I’ve done it! I haven’t skipped one day. Not only is that an incredible accomplishment, but I have found 330 things and more to be grateful for this year. Wow. And the blog has inspired people too! I did it for me, posted it to keep me accountable, and I have helped people.


Life really is so magnificent if I let it.

Today I am grateful for the way things work out.

They turned out marvelously.

B.G. Thomas

2 thoughts on “Day 330 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for How Things Work Out

  1. I want to tell you how much I appreciate your posts. In a world that often gets me down, especially the more I learn about it, It’s really great to see someone who is so positive and so thankful and just genuinely trying to experience and share all of the many little things that make life good and try to shine a light so the darkness is not so scary. Thank you! I wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


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