Day 322 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful That My Words Are Crossing Languages Barriers (Again!)

So I got a wonderful surprise today!

The publisher Cursed Verlag has released my book Anything Could Happen in German! I am especially happy because the people at Cursed Verlag are awesome—it is a great company. The lady I always deal with, her name is Julia, is kindness in action.

They changed the names slightly. They called it Alles ist möglich!, which I was told means Anything is Possible. But in the words of my very dear friend Elin Gregory, “It can also mean “Anything is Acceptable” depending upon the context, and that’s rather nice I think.”

I think so too!

And of course I am thrilled to have another book that has crossed the barriers of language. This is my sixth story that is now in another language.

The Boy Who Came In From the Cold, Bianca’s Plan and Anything Could Happen are in German.

The Boy Who Came in From the Cold has been translated into Korean.

And All Alone in a Sea of Romance and The Boy Who Came In From the Cold are being translated into Italian.

This really is amazing and humbling. In my dreams of being a published author, it never occurred to me for one moment that my words would be translated into other languages.

I just keep thinking…wow.

I was checking Amazon German and found out—whoa!—that Anything Could Happen is number 3 in Romantische Literatur für Homosexuelle and number 157 in Liebesromane—which to my shock I found out means “romance novels.” WOW! How cool is that? Not gay romance. Romance period!

Hey! If you want to check it out, you can find it at these locations:
Amazon Germany
Amazon UK

In the mean time I am just high as a kite about this.

So as I type this I am giving a raspberry to where I work and to everyone who thinks I can’t do whatevery I set my mind to.

It only goes to prove that we should never, ever dream small. If we ask for “just enough” then that is all the Universe will supply. If we ask for out biggest and most impossible dreams, we will get them and more.

Because you know what?

Alles ist möglich!
B.G. Thomas


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