Day 321 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Thankful for Beautiful Surprises

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”
~~ Martin Buber

“In the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer.”
~~ Albert Camus

Autumn is here for sure in Kansas City, Missouri. Luckily we haven’t had too many very cold days yet, but we went from gorgeous gold leaves in our front year to almost no leaves in less than two weeks.

Some of you know how much I love my flowers and my garden (as demonstrated in my novel Spring Affair) and so it was with some sadness that I let go of all that beauty and color. Even my gorgeous are gone Michaelmas daises gone (they’re the last to bloom and a sure fire signal that the flowering part of the Wheel of the Year is done.

(by the way, Michaelmas is generally celebrated on September the 29th—which is the Feast of the Archangel Michael. The flower takes its name because it is such a late blooming flower….)

That makes me a bit sad, but as I have learned, its all a part of the great turning of the Wheel of the Year. The Earth “dies” and is reborn in the spring. The sun sets in the west and rises again in the east. If I want my gorgeous crocus and miniature iris and daffodils is if I have winter months—they need to “hibernate” to bloom again.

Hey—and bears hibernate in the winter too!

Still a little sad. I am just not a winter guy. I am cold any time it gets below about 55°, even shivering.

I don’t like thick sweaters! LOL!

And the Universe went and gave me a loverly little surprise!

One last rose! How wonderful! It lifted my spirts.

But then better yet?

Marigolds! I couldn’t believe it!

I didn’t plant any marigolds.

I have a big wide pot that I sometimes plant pre-grown marigolds. I did this year. But their time was past as well. However, what must have happened was that when the flowers seeded, some fell into the gravel I have surrounding my gardens. And there is some soil there too. And those seeds somehow decided to grow. They didn’t hibernate and come back next spring. They came this week.

Gorgeous and orange with multiple flowers on that one plant.

They’ve been going strong for about a week.

I might be lucky enough to have them another week.

So bright! So golden-orange. Like little miniature suns.

Sweet, amazing reminders that spring is going to return.

And one more. One that brings tears to my eyes while I write this.

It gets better.

And this dark time? This bad month or so I’ve been going through?

I have golden marigolds to remind me that the bad is passing and light and sun and more will return.

It gets better.

And the better is already on its way.

I just haven’t seen it yet.

But I have my proof.

I’m healing every day.

And soon, very very soon, I will rise again!

B.G. Thomas


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