Day 320 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for the Price of Gas

“Value is more expensive than price.”
~~ Toba Beta

So for some time now the price of gas has been pretty wonderful. I mean, not the below-a-dollar-prices of my early twenties—but then, what is?

Now they aren’t as low as they were earlier this year, but goodness! Prices were high for a long, long time there. I am amazed and I am thrilled.

Four years or so there were places in the United States that gas was nearly four bucks an gallon.

Whether it is presidents or fate or a roll of the dice or the Middle East…I don’t care. Not a bit. I am not going to question it.

It’s right there with watching the news for me.

I don’t care.

There is nothing I can do to affect the price of gasoline.

But I am going to enjoy it.

And filling my tank about once every three weeks has been pretty darned cool.

Today I am exceedingly grateful for the price of gasoline.

Thank You Universe. Thank You very much!

Some weeks back my very dear friend EM took me on a ride for hours down the coast of California. It was quite simply one of the best days I can remember in a long time. We drove from Oakland, CA, and eventually San Diego. I couldn’t believe how little we spent on gas. How amazing not to have to worry about it.

It was positively healing.

Maybe I should take a trip?

B.G. Thomas

Please accept my apologies for the quality of my photograph. The cellphone didn’t take a very good photograh!


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