Day 308 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for Cheese!

“The poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.”
~~ Gilbert K. Chesterton

“Cheese is milk’s leap toward immortality.”
~~ Clifton Fadiman

Oh, do I love cheese! It is my weakness. Don’t know what I would do if I ever found out I was lactose intolerant. Suffer I guess. Because unless it was deadly, I would eat it anyway.

And I don’t go for that boring stuff. That stuff that tastes a lot like thick air. Cheeses like brie or very mild cheddars. I want to taste my cheese. I want my taste buds taken for a ride!

Cheese is my favorite snack. I think if I had to give up either cheese or chocolate, it would be chocolate!

And my love of chocolate can be an essay all by itself.

If my husband and I are lucky we get to go to the Osceloa Cheese Company in Osceola, Missouri, about once a year or so. It’s about two hours away so definitely not a hop skip and a jump. We got to go on our way to Springfield, MO, when we adopted Oliver, our new dog. Osceloa Cheese Company is quite simply an amazing place.

In the words of their website: Osceola Cheese now has over 250 varieties of cheese, most of which can be sampled. The cheeses range from mild cheddar cheese, chocolate cheese, to our hottest, “the ghost pepper cheese.” We also smoke our cheeses in real hickory and applewood smoked flavors to enhance the original flavor of our cheeses.

My father introduced me to Osceola Cheese. He discovered it in one of my parent’s many trips to come visit me in Kansas City. But more than that, he introduced me to cheese.

Some of my most wonderful and comforting memories of my dad include eating cheese. He liked strong cheeses. I can so remember him coming home with something new and slicing it and trying it and nodding and cutting me off a piece and of course I love it too. Why he even had me addicted to blue cheese dressing on our salads!

As it turns out, cheese actually is addictive. It seems that cheese has something in it called casomorphinsm which are protein fragments that are derived from digesting Casein, a milk protein. Casomorphins have an opioid effect. Opioids—which produce a euphoric feeling—are some of the planet’s oldest known drugs. We can grow dependent on them and even have withdrawal syndromes if we stop eating cheese!

I’ve also read it’s what keeps a lot of people from going totally vegan instead of vegetarian. They just don’t want to give up dairy, especially cheese!

I was amazed and yet a total believer when I read out this. Because I do get a heady, almost high feeling, when I eat (read: scarf) cheese and often find myself all but shoveling it in.

And you know, cheese does have some healthy benefits (although there are some who would argue this).

In the end cheese is a far better addiction than cocaine or heroine!

And I can drive after eating it!

I often say we must remember the little things in life, and to be grateful for them. Except in this case I think, personally, that cheese is one of the greatest gifts of all. Proof positive that there must be a God. How else to explain its deliciousness?

So today I will say like I have many other days since I was a kid eating it with my dad, I love, and am very grateful for the Universe’s gift of cheese!

B.G. Thomas


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