Day 307 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful to be Safely Home

And who of you by being worried can add a single hour to his life?
~~ Matthew 6:27

So today the was a huge big celebration in Kansas City. Our baseball team, the Royals, won the World Series a few days ago and today was a parade and then they were “crowned” at Union Station.

Depending on who one listens to and which article one reads, somewhere between 500 thousand and one million people showed up. And it was all about a mile from where I work.

It was a madhouse. Everyone at work worried all the live long day about what it would be like to drive home. Worried worried worried! The stories were rampant. The numbers of the crowd debated hotly. We read in the news of people who just parked along the side of highways and walked as much as miles to get to the event. The crowds grew and grew and grew through the day. People had spent the night in their cars in parking lots to be able to be the first there.

And this is what I said….

“We won’t be driving home for hours. Hours! Why are you worrying now? Anything could happen between now and then. The event is at two o’clock. Most of us get out of here at six. Surely the traffic will be fine by then.”

No one listened. In fact it only seemed to incite some people to further worrying and theatrics.

My husband left at four-thirty. It normally takes us about fifteen minutes to get home. It took him fifty. He wasn’t happy. There was much talk about the “morons in blue,” many who would just walk right out into the streets, never even looking. It took him fifteen minutes just to drive the four or five blocks to Quick Trip. He was not amused. Very not amused.

And here was the thing…. And I am glad I came to the thought.

The Royals haven’t won something like this in thirty years. Every day we get home in about fifteen minutes. The traffic won’t be like this tomorrow. It won’t be like this day after tomorrow. Or next week or next month and unless the Royals win again next year, it won’t be like this next year. The last time it took us such a length of time to get home—in fact it was quite a bit longer—was when we had a huge snow storm about four years or so ago.

So I can’t life with this for one evening?

I am not going to give that fifty minutes any more power over me than it will already have.

And even then, for me, it was still a good forty-five minutes before I was to leave. That drive didn’t even exist yet! It was in the future.

Guess what?

When I left there was no traffic. No traffic at all. In fact the only reason I didn’t make it home in record time was that I was trying to find someplace to get dinner. LOL! The drive-thrus were packed. Or out of nearly everything.

I almost started swearing. I actually did start to, and then started laughing instead. Because I won’t even remember it tomorrow. I almost forgot to include it here.

Never give something power. It only makes it worse.

And here I sit, writing this, safely home and watching Star Trek on Netflix with my dogs. How nice.

I succeeded in something today that makes me feel quite content.

I didn’t give a future event power over me. And considering that future event never even happened, well, that makes it even better.

One more step to spiritual and emotional enlightenment!

B.G. Thomas

PS: Watch the crowd grow….




And here is a photograph of Union Station for scale…see the cars?


photograph of wreath by gaborfromhungary from morgueFile


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