Day 306 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for a Beautiful Evening (It’s Never Too Late)

It’s never too late to go out and get that feeling back.
~~ Loretta Swit

It’s never too late. Don’t focus on what was taken away. Find something to replace it, and acknowledge the blessing you have.
~~ Drew Barrymore

It was a looooong day. A very long day.

A day that I spent working through the positives of my new schedule at work. The one where I have to work Sundays—which means I can’t go to church anymore. The one that means I can’t go out of town with my husband. The one where I only have one day a weeks with him. The new schedule that seems so bleak.

But a near year’s worth of practice began to pay off. I was starting to see some light—a silver lining. I’m not going to have to work Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. New Year’s Eve either!

But it wore me out. Returning to work this week wasn’t easy. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. Or it felt that way.

But then I stepped out the door….


Lovely. No…. Gorgeous. It was 70° out!

It was already dark, as it is that time of year, but everyone was gasping. So warm! The breeze was exceptional. A sweetly warm/cool breeze.

The traffic was calm and collected—no crazy people out there at all.

And when I got home!

*happy sigh*

Not only was my husband back in town—and his being out-of-town hadn’t made it easier to go back to work in the first place—but Oliver (who he took with him) was back of course too as well. He greeted me quite enthusiastically with lots of doggie kisses, and Sarah Jane did too (tails of both waving so hard their entire butts were wagging as well).

But wait!

It gets better!

My friend Will was here!

And there was pizza in the over!

And we were soon watching this last week’s Heroes Reborn.

It’s turning out to be wonderful evening.

The Secret teaches that a bad thought can snowball and destroy everything. Stub that toe in the morning and curse and yell and one bad thing after another can follow. Simply thinking, Now what frigging else can go wrong?, can make an avalanche of things go wrong.


Because thoughts become things!

So thinking of good things? It can turn a day around—just like magick.

Because you see, it’s never too late.

Because one good thought can turn everything around.

One good thought as a lot of power.

And I had at least three today!

B.G. Thomas

photograph by pippalou from


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