Day 297 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for Rescue Shelters (Part Two)

“And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”
~~ Matthew 25:40, KJV

Almost two weeks ago—having no idea what was in store—I wrote about how grateful I was for rescue shelters. Because I am. Who knew what was in store for me? Who knew what was around the bend in the road that I could not see. Who knew that the Universe was unfolding just as it should? Who knew the degree?

And how often a life-changing event really is just around the corner?

It like something out of one of my books.

Today we are heading to 4 the Love of K9s (formerly SW MO K9s) to pick up the newest member of our family, Oliver.

Oliver is a Yorkie/dachshund mix, just like Sarah Jane—our dog, and blessing, for the past eight years. He is about four years old who found himself homeless when his humans were no longer able to afford having a dog. He is alive today because of two ladies named Sherry and Clare who love animals so much that they spend countless hours and dollars taking care of the homeless, and helping them find forever homes.

I was so incredibly impressed when I talked to Clare for over a half hour. Between the information she had about Oliver, about dogs, and about shelters, I was quite simply blown away. It never ceases to amaze me how much love these people have for the defenseless.

This is what their website says about them: The mission of 4 the Love of K9s is to help homeless, needy, unwanted, and abandoned dogs find loving forever homes whether it be through us or by being transferred to another licensed rescue or no kill facility.

We prefer to spay/neuter after four months of age. For this reason, we do not adopt younger puppies to out-of-area adopters. We hope you understand this requirement is because of our concern for the health of the puppies in our care.

The dogs we have posted are in foster homes or in other holding facilities. If you are interested in learning more about, or adopting, any of the dogs, please email Sherry at

Clare told me something fascinating that I didn’t know. Apparently black dogs have a harder time getting adopted than any other dog. She says the theory is that it is the most common color and at shelters they just don’t stand out. As much as people might like black labs for instance, when you walk into a shelter it is the lovely collie that stands out or the cute little terrier. They’re the ones that get adopted.

That’s why they think Olive hasn’t been adopted yet. In the pictures of Sherry’s adoptable dogs on the 4 the Love of K9s site, Oliver looks black and didn’t stand out amongst the other dogs. Sherry told my husband R that he is an incredibly sweet dog and she has gotten quite attached to him. Clare says he is playful and gets along well with other dogs and likes to sleep in cabinets in the kitchen! I laughed and laughed.

I simply can’t wait. The three or so hour drive to Springfield will be a time filled with excitement. We are about to have a new addition to our home, and it is all because of no kill animal shelters. This little guy, who might easily have died without an animal rescue service, is going to enter our lives.

We have no idea what this will really be like, but somehow I just can’t help but expect a miracle. R has fought the idea of another dog for years. Then our friend Skyla joined in. She is the one who originally gave us her time share in Baltimore so we could get married—the one where so many people joined in and donated to give us the extra days so the legal stuff could get taken care of too. Obvioulsy Sky is an important part of our lives.

Anyway, she joined in on the campaign to convince R that a two dog family was a good thing.

And then somehow Oliver’s page happened onto R’s computer. I don’t know how. But it was enough to send him driving three hours to Springfield, MO. He gets these hunches that are rarely wrong and it compelled him to meet Oliver. And the meeting was good.

And Sherry was so for the rights and good of dogs that when she saw Sarah Jane scratching and scratching and saw she had scratched a lot of fur off, she wanted R to make sure she was all right first. Sarah had just recently started this behavior and a visit to the vet showed simple allergies and now she is on benedryl and all of her hair is already almost grown in. We aren’t mad we have to make the long drive again. We are happy to know that Sherry and 4 the Love of K9s loved their charges enough to make sure Oliver had a good home.

Stress has been high in my life lately.

I have a feeling that for the love of Oliver, my life, R’s, and even Sarah Jane’s, is about to get a whole lot better.

Today I am once again thankful for animal rescue shelters. And in particular, 4 the Love of K9s.

And hey, if you are anywhere near Springfield, MO, and need a pet? Please check them out. Also note that they need donations. It can take as much as $50 and week to take care of each dog. And they are doing it for incredibly inexpensive adoption fees.

Remember that everyone who loves a dog loves God—after all, God spelled backwards is “dog!”

B.G. Thomas

PS: More than anything, I hope this is a good thing for Sarah Jane, our dog and our magick, for the past eight years. I have always loved animals but it wasn’t until Sarah Jane that I knew—really knew—how sacred life is. Now when I say. “Namasté”—which means the Divine and Sacred in me recognizes and honors the Divine and Sacred in you”—I see that it means that all life is Divine. That the Divine and Sacred is in all life. And so I hope that this new addition to our family will be good for her. Sarah Jane has had this family all to herself for eight years—way more than most of her life. R says that she got along with Oliver but there was this moment when he really got in her face that she growled. There will be a major power shift going on. I think she deserves to either be the boss, or the Mom. Hey, Oliver’s got a minimum another ten years and maybe fourteen. Small dogs can live to be eighteen years old. If we are really lucky Sarah Jane—despite the fact that her hearing is going and she is getting arthritis—will be a very happy dog now that there is a new member to the family. Other people tell us that it may take a few weeks, but she will soon begin to appreciate not being the only dog in the house….

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3 thoughts on “Day 297 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for Rescue Shelters (Part Two)

  1. Yes the adjustment will take time for Sarah Jane but if the process is very gradual it will work. Noah and I both had large dogs- my pet lived for 17 years and Noah’s 18 and 1/2 years . With the love and proper care that you both provide your pets, they will have many years ahead also due to the benefit of their being mixed breed dogs which is a large plus. Congrats and best wishes!

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