Day 293 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ So Thankful for Spell Check


So I might have written about this one before but that’s okay. Who says I cant’ be thankful for something more than once? I mean, I’m thankful that I can walk again all the time. And for MM Romance. For my dog Sarah Jane. And certainly for my husband. And as a writer I can certainly be thankful for spell-check. Because writer or no, I am an absolutely terrible speller. And from what I’ve heard, I’m not the only one—writer that is.

I love the fact that I only have to look at my document and I see that little jagged line under the word that is spelled wrong. Then all I have to do is right click on it and it gives me a list of suggested alternate spellings.

I like that a lot.

Of course sometimes when I am trying to spell “restaurant” the suggestion it gives me is “restraint,” but for the most part it worlds pretty damned good.

I do not understand people who send out emails with tons of misspellings. Makes no sense to me. That little jagged line appears on emails too. Why would anyone whatsoever send out an email, especially a business email, with misspellings.

It even has grammar options, although that is pretty unforgiving of an author’s voice. Sometimes a fragment or a run on sentence works.

But until there is an artificial intelligence that knows my writing better than I do, I am pretty happy.

And I bet I know a lot of authors who agree.

B.G. Thomas


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