Day 288 of 365 Silver Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for Kindnesses


“Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses.”
~~ Confucius

Having some stress—and reminding myself not to stress. I can usually do it, but sometimes things mount.

All that is going on at work is one thing—my doctor has given me FMLA papers to help with anxiety and depression (caused by work because the entire rest of my life is magick). This paperwork actually allows me to call in to work two days a week because I can’t handle going to work!

But word is now that I have to call into Human Resources.

The man who runs it is one of the major causes of my anxiety and depression at work!

He can wait.

So what happens?

Why kindnesses.

Kindnesses left and right, back and forth, inside and out.

A writer listening to me until one in the morning….

People holding doors open for me….

A good friend bought my breakfast. A breakfast I suggested. It wasn’t cheap.

There is great power in what we do, great great power to hurt people’s feelings, humiliated them, belittle them, make them feel small….

Or just the opposite. Once “R” and I were in a Walmart and I saw this lady and she looked really nice—her blouse, her jewelry, her hair—and I complimented her. She looked at me in shock and mumbled a thanks. It embarrassed R and he asked why I did that. I told him I appreaciate nice words and I thought she really did look nice.

We were in the checkout lane and to my surprise the lady walked up to me, eyes wet and shining, and told me that she had had a very very bad day and she wanted me to know just how much my compliment had meant to her, and that she could see I had been genuine. She said I totally turned her day around. I turned to R and I said, “That’s why I do that,” and he blushed and nodded and I could see he understood.

I am in that final process of leaping and taking a chance that all will be well…and there is some stress in that.

All those people who did such kindnesses for me in the past week or so lifted me sky-high. Helped me deal with more stress, and in this case a fairly big one (at least for me)….

My phone going crazy and me stressing that it won’t be working at five in the morning when I have to call in…and a friend kindly going out of her way to take me to a Metro PCS store to try and get it fixed.

I am not sure if it was fixed yet, but wow…. This is major help with that stress.

I went away for a few days to try and get thing in perspective. I am going to have to start working Sundays and that has been a major stress point.

Now I just have to remember that even if I do have to work Sundays, it won’t be forever.

Hell! I am going to be writing full time soon, right?

Because everything is going to be all right!

I am leaping!

And in the meantime, I thank everyone who has shone me a kindness lately. Know that I am paying it forward.

Today I am grateful for simple kindnesses.

B.G. Thomas


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