Day 277 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for a Wonderful Sunday Morning Surprise – What Friends Will Do For You!

So for some reason I have become infatuated with the song “Handful of Glitter,” by P!nk. The lyrics, the medley, the message, the spirituality…. I am a big P!nk fan, but recently it’s “Handful of Glitter” that I am playing over and over.

I’ve been watching the song as well, on YouTube—especially the Grammy version.

Then I started doing what I often do. I started watching/listening to covers. Found some nice ones too. But just not what I was looking for.

Then I suddenly remembered my very talented friend Dustin Thomas (I met him at Midwest Men’s Festival). I saw him online later and asked him if he I could take a request.

He was up for it.

I told him the song.

He was surprised. “You think my voice is good for that?” he said.

“Oh yes,” I said.

“Awesome,” he said. “I’ll see what I can do”

And I figured I’d wait and see. But what happened?

I get up the next morning…and he’s done it already! He recorded it and posted it for me!
(((HUGS))) to my sweet, talented, leaping friend Dustin. Thank you!

And people, watch his other videos. He is leaping. The net will appear for him. One of these days this guy is going to be famous.

Meanwhile, I am so grateful for the surprises, and friends, and the multitude of wonderful things that friends will do for you.

Someone recorded a song for me!

B.G. Thomas

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