Day 270 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful to Experience an Entire Total Lunar Eclipse

It was really cloudy today. I thought maybe I wasn’t going to see it.

But then late afternoon the sun came out and the clouds were banished and now we are sitting on the front porch and watching it go from blue-white full, to the tiniest little bit of shadow on the lower left hand side and then bit by bit we’ve watched it and it is simply wonderful.

I was so lamed up with my hip and sick as well (again) and I was exiled home alone because R was out of town and what does he do? He shocks me by showing up and taking me to Brookfield with him. And because we are in the middle of nowhere and there are none of the bright Kansas City lights, what we are witnessing is spectacular.

Enough so that I am going to quit typing and going back to watching!

Complete right now and blood red! Magnificent!

And it’s a super moon, which means it’s something like 15% bigger to our eye. Of course it’s the same size, but it’s at its closest to Earth, it’s a harvest moon, a blood moon and a full lunar eclipse!

The last time I saw a terrific eclipse was some years ago with my dear friend Linnea and her husband. But it started so late that by the time the shadow was leaving the moon the sun was coming up so we didn’t get to witness the whole event.

R and I are getting that tonight.


Years and years ago my amazing mother let me stay up all night and watch an eclipse with her and she called in the next day so I wouldn’t have to go to school.

That’s what kind of mother I have.

So I toast to the moon and I dedicate this night to her and I sit and I know why it was that ancient man worshipped the moon.

Have I mentioned I have two Thoth tattoos? Thoth. The only male god of the moon and the god or writing as well.

What a night. What a night!

B.G. Thomas

PS: Getting pictures has proved almost futile—but I have one or two pretty darned good ones, and I am sharing one here!

One thought on “Day 270 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful to Experience an Entire Total Lunar Eclipse

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