Day 265 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Thankful for Hulu! :-)


So “R” is trying to get me to dump Time Warner. It costs me quite a bit even though I don’t have any of the premium channels

And with my going to part time work I need to save money wherever I can.

I was worried about missing favorite shows but you know, I’ve been writing so much that I am missing all kinds of stuff anyway…and guess what? I’m surviving. Somehow life continues without Falling Skies and Scream—the television series.

If I am willing to wait a year a lot of shows are on Netflix anyway, and I am finding it quite easy to wait.

And then R introduced me to Hulu.

Wow. There’s a lot on there. And over the last week or two I’ve gotten through (the thoroughly mediocre) Scream—the television series. And they even had Tales of the City!

Hulu is pretty darned cool.

It’s making me happy.

Especially since I don’t need to schedule my life around television!

That I won’t do.

I went to my doctor today too, and got my excuse to be able to go back to work on Thursday because my manager went to R’s manager and asked him how many days he took for vacation. He obviously thinks I cheated somehow.

What a toxic man. And the place is going to be worse next year. They are taking away vacation and turning it to “Paid Time Off.” They are taking away sick days. If you get sick you have to take it from “Paid Time Off.” What that means, no matter what they call it, is that you lose vacation time if you call in sick.

See? The Universe making it worse and worse and worse so I will FINALLY leave.

I’m not upset in the least. Because the Universe will take care of me!

And I’ve gotten a lot of writing work done today.


What a nice day.

B.G. Thomas


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