Day 263 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for Our Reunion with Sarah Jane


“Dogs never lie about love.”
~~ Jeffrey Mason

“Dog’s don’t lie. A dog’s tale is a strikingly honest window to their soul.”
~~ Jim Hillabish

We miss her so much that we couldn’t wait another day. We were tired from a full day of travel and we didn’t get to our Kansas City house until around six in the evening, but we still decided to make the two plus hour drive to Brookfield to get her back!

She was asleep under R’s grandmother’s table when we got there and didn’t even hear us some in (she’s getting older and her hearing isn’t what it used to be—sad sigh) and when she realized we were there she blinked at us almost indifferent. Her face was so “Oh. It’s you. The people who abandoned me. Left me to rot. Left me to starve. And now you want me to get all happy and excited because you finally showed up? Yeah. Right.”

Then I scooped her up and her almost apathy was swept away and she could not stop licking my face. Then she wanted to be held by R. Then she wanted to be held by me. Then she wanted to be held by R….

She’s gained weight. R’s mother spoiled her rotten. Bought her some tiny cans of dog food and mixed it with her expensive healthy food—LOL! She got her stuff for her dry skin and a little doggie bed.

She got her stuff for her dry skin and a little doggie bed.

You could tell R’s mother and grandma didn’t want to let her go.

“I don’t remember that being part of the bargain,” she replied.

But when we got out Sarah’s doggie-travel bag she started barking her head off. She wanted to go home—either the Brookfield home or the Kansas City home, it made no difference. She wanted to be with her daddies. I can almost bet she will be wedged between us in bed tonight.

God, thank you for Sarah Jane. Thank you for dogs. Thank you even for cats. Thank you for all your animals. Thank you for how they bless our lives.

And they do bless our lives.

I do not understand how anyone can look into the eyes of a dog and not see the “God.”

Thank you Sarah Jane for sharing this lifetime with us.

We are truly blessed by your existence.

And as I have said before, God spelled backward is Dog!

B.G. Thomas


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