Day 257 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for a Wonderful Day at Seaworld


What a lovely, lovely day.

We got a shock when we got there. The park closes at five-thirty! We figured we would be there until nine at least. We didn’t get to ride any roller coasters or see the turtles or the sting rays or several other things….

But we both agreed we couldn’t let that get us down. The negativity could have clouded our whole day.

Instead we lived in the moment and we had some simply astonishing moments. Many of them in fact.

First we saw the Killer Whales and there are just no words to adequately describe the experience. I openly wept. Such beautiful and awe-inspiring creatures. I’ll start crying again if I don’t move on. Astounding.

We saw penguins! Numerous species and the guide we linked up with was gay and that was so much fun! He taught us a lot. They had a King Penguin chick that was ninety pounds!

We had a huge sundae for only $5.99, which we split like high school sweet hearts.

The dolphin show was incredible with not only dolphins, but trapeze people and dancing and parrots and macaws and…absolute beauty. All that was enough to make me high.

So the rest of the stuff…the sharks and the manta rays and the two toed sloth that I got to pet and the flamingos and on and on and on….

Then we had a lovely dinner at Ming Court Wok & Grill. So many wonderful experiences and the day isn’t really over. It’s not even eight and now we can go swimming again!

And of course there will be cocktails!

All in all, if this is the only thing we “do” (there is quite a bit of rain in the forecast), then we’ve already got it made.

And I am so grateful for my husband, who knows what I believe in, and helped me practice what I preach. I was so upset when we got there and found we only had about four and a half hours (from when we found out—five and half total) to see Seaworld, I started to get worked up. The Being on my right shoulder was saying, “Ben, you control your world—if you decide to get upset and ruin your day, that is your fault. Nothing can be done about this. Enjoy your day!”

But I was having trouble hearing it—or at least paying attention to it.

Thank God for my husband, who reminded me what I believe in—and so my day was wonderful!

So much to be grateful for!

B.G. Thomas









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