Day 254 of 365 Days if Silver ~~ Grateful for Prayers

praying beglib

“We must begin to believe that God, in the mystery of prayer, has entrusted us with a force that can move the Heavenly world, and can bring its power down to earth.”
~~ Andrew Murray

Late post…it has been a heck of a day….

My seventy-six year only mother got married recently. My father died around ten years ago and I’ve often wondered if she would remarry. She’s a catch after all. An amazing woman. But she said she wasn’t interested.

But the out of the blue this man she’s known for years decided to court her and swept her off her feet and she got married about a month ago. She is happier than she’s been for as long as I can remember. Exceedingly happy. So even though I thought it’s gone a little too fast, I can’t help but be pleased with how happy she is. And I know he’s not out for her money. He is well off. They own a big house that looks out over a gorgeous lake and has an indoor pool.

Today he had a massive stroke and maybe even a very minor aneurysm.

They had to take him by ambulance to a different hospital than the one in the closest city to them—a good two hours away by regular speed limits. Since she rode to the first hospital with them and then the one all the was in Springfield, MO, she doesn’t have anything with her. Not a change of clothes, nothing.

So I sent out a prayer request to friends and family two hours or so before this writing. I already have something like seventy-five people praying, thinking positive thoughts, healing thoughts, love and light.


That is amazing.

And here is something very important…. For those who don’t pray? Who aren’t Christian? Who don’t believe in God?

You can still pray. Because the thing is, prayer isn’t what most people think it is. We’ve been indoctrinated into thinking it is some kind of subservient BDSM-kind of thing. That it means we grovel in the mud and the dirt, proclaiming that we aren’t worth an answer to prayer…but oh please please please please grant us out wish after all. Especially if we promise this and promise that…. That it is some kind of bartering, begging….

But that isn’t prayer!

Gratitude is prayer.

Helping others is prayer.

Acknowledging that there is something greater than ourselves, even if that is only the group of friends and family around us.

Wanting good for others is prayer.

Putting others before us is prayer.

At the Center for Spiritual Living, they teach us something called prayer treatment. It’s actually based on the Lord’s Prayer.

In prayer treatment we….
1) We acknowledge that there is One Force encompassing everything. Some people think of this as God. I call it the Universe.
2) Having recognized this One Force that encompasses everything, we realize that means us. We also are a party of that Everything and we are a part of the Universe.
3) We name our desire. But we do so with the complete idea and confidence that it is already ours. It is done.
4) We are grateful. We are grateful for an answer to our prayer. We feel how grateful we are.
5) We trust. We release it. We release it, let it go, and know that what we have requested is completely done.

Consider the Lord’s Prayer. “Give us this day our daily bread.” That’s what it says. It doesn’t say “Oh God, please please please give us our daily bread, which we don’t deserve because we are scum.” It is almost a demand. “Give us this day our daily bread.”

I like this so much better than what I grew up thinking prayer was.

Any time we wish something, from our heart, for someone else, we are praying.

Today I am grateful that my mother’s husband is being raised up in prayer. There is power in prayer.

Today I am grateful for all those who’s hearts go out to the man, to my mother, to me through me.

Wow indeed.

B.G. Thomas

original photo by beglib on morgueFile


4 thoughts on “Day 254 of 365 Days if Silver ~~ Grateful for Prayers

  1. I am very sorry for what happened ….. I pray for all of you in the hope that the situation will improve …… Hugs and kisses to all of you (I’m sorry for my English but not speak it very well)…. Giuliana


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