Day 252 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful to Begin The Serious Search for Part-Time Employment

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”
~~ Confucius

I really don’t like filling out job applications. It’s why I’ve filled out so few.

But today I took my cojones in hand and began.

It was only three, but that took several hours. It’s always been complicated, but online ones are a b*tch. The online sites ask a lot of questions that need specific answers and I don’t always have specific answers. Which would mean it would cycle and cycle and cycle asking over and over again certain questions.

But I did it! I got through! And after this it will only be easier.


My guts were clinched but they’re better now and it will get easier.

So I am grateful that I had the courage to face those websites, work through my apprehension, and go go go.

I am not going to be one of those people that take a year to find a job.

I know the Universe has the perfect job for me. And the job that I am perfect for. A job that I will benefit as well as that will benefit me.

I feel good.

B.G. Thomas

photo by Dogerton Skillhause from morgueFile


2 thoughts on “Day 252 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful to Begin The Serious Search for Part-Time Employment

  1. I’ve returned to a part-time job in a florist shop. It pays little, but the work is rewarding and I get to work with a great team. Aside from producing value, I get to advance my arranging skills. Getting out of the house is so essential! Make sure to try the “walk in and talk to the owner” type jobs. Talking to someone bypasses the online application 🙂 Good luck!


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