Day 250 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for a Wonderful Labor Day Weekend

Laid Back Poster 2

Wow. Wow wow wow wow….

One wonderful event and blessing and silver lining after another.

At first the weekend seemed a little weird because all the people we usually hang with at Laid Back Labor Day Weekend (hereafter known as LBLD) were either not there or have drifted from our social circles for one reason or another. Not one single one of the guys from Madison, WI, made it (even those promising no more than a week before hand that they would be there), and I was particularly sad that my friends Alan aka Leadfoot and the magickal Shawnti Fey were not in attendance. My friend Cricket didn’t make it. Our friend Knotty Scotty lives in Washington DC now and can only make it to Camp Gaea once a year and he chooses to make that trip Midwest Men’s Festival (thankfully).

There were this group of gay guys and gay couples that all used to camp together but circumstance broke that up (I’ll talk about that later date perhaps). This wonderful couple from whom we bought our popup camper couldn’t make it.

So there R and I were wondering just what we were going to do. Who were we going to socialize with in the evenings. Who would we invite to our camp or who’s camp would we go to?

Well…. I did have a hope.

And it came true. We hung out together. A lot. A whole lot.

It was wonderful. I am tearing up thinking about how wonderful. We set up our camp and shopped around the vendor’s circle and then finished setting up and had a rotisserie chicken we bought for dinner and it was all a very, very nice way to start out weekend. We talked. Really talked. R is a loner and needs tons and tons of alone time and so for me it was heaven to spend so much time with the man of my dreams.

Then quite suddenly I was ready for company and we went looking to see who was around, but the guys we were initially looking for weren’t at their camp and so we wound up hanging with this brilliant group of people, the coven called Tribe Three. We were there until about three in the morning and had a simple delightful time.

And talk about magick!

I saw a guy there that I haven’t seen in a long time and who has been a part of my life on and off for at least twenty years. It was incredible. I also got to spend quality time with the delightful Josh aka Sister Clara Cum Passionata, a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. More magick! And Skunk, the leader of Tribe Three! She made us so welcome. They loaded us with shots and then got out this variety of cheeses.

We hung out with my dear friend daBlonde as well, and her sexy husband. She has made sure she bought the book I put in the Charity Auction for a couple years now and it has gone for as much as a hundred dollars. She told us a hilarious story about how she was on the Jerry Springer show many years ago and finally confirmed what I’ve already known—it’s not real. They gave her a name and a job and a husband and a boyfriend and she met them moments before taking stage. She is simple fabulous.

Blessings, blessings, blessings—most of them being love and laughter (and a considerable amount of delicious shots!).

Saturday morning was bright and hot. I went and bought a few broom skirts which are really one step from sarong and the perfect outfit for 90° weather. How the heck is that women don’t like skirts? It lets your business all out and unencumbered and free to feel the breeze. Why would they rather wear pants? Insanity.

But then the heat became oppressive and…another silver lining! R had insisted this year that we not use our new popup camper this weekend. We are going to Florida in a week and we don’t have the wherewithal to get it up backward in our narrow uphill driveway and have to go through a lot work finding help to get it there and he just didn’t want to worry about it. I wasn’t happy, but I wasn’t about to let it ruin my weekend. Well guess what? We got to turn on the van and have an air-conditioned two hour nap! And we were woken by the ice cream truck! We had an icy cold treat.

And then I was able to write! And that was only the beginning.

So the second night was the official big huge charity auction, MCed of course by the wonderful and fantabulous Sister Clara. We only had two other nuns from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, but we had two gorgeous leather boys involved to make the magic. They raised over four thousand dollars for Camp Gaea and word was that about five hundred people are on the land—although some of those only bought one day passes.

After that there was another huge bonfire…but to our surprise the night was pretty tame after that. Whether it was the influx of new people who just didn’t get what LBLD is all about, we don’t know, but by midnight the night was calming way down. There were pockets of fun and an apparent drumming circle and late night swim down at the lake—but it’s a long walk and we just weren’t interested in going that far and find out there were only a half dozen people down there. Which isn’t at all like me, but I was a bit tired and my foot was aching and that was part of my decision—I lost out, by what I’ve heard they had a good time down there. That’s okay. We circulated and wound up down at “Leather Lane” were the booze was flowing free and people were playing oiled down Twister. It isn’t what it sounds like…. Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like…. Just use your imagination. It really was funny watching them slip and slid and fall.

We wound up at Tribe Three again, but it was amazingly toned down but we had some good conversation, which I love.

Have I mentioned that hot dogs? There is this great gay couple who ran a hot dog stand in the evenings and going late, late, late into the morning. Don’t know if it’s just that you work up some snacking hunger in the hot weather and by partying hardy, but boy were those hot dogs good!

Sunday we wound up finally going down to the lake and spent about three hours down there. The lake was quite cool without being freezing and in the nigh oppressive heat it was very welcome. There was also much conversation going on and a delightful reading from a book called something like “Kirk Cameron and the Wizard.” Comedy porn and we were laughing our butts off. We also found out something quite shocking—and I won’t be surprised if no one believes this—but Blue Moon beer mixed with orange juice is simply delightful!

And I wrote! Pages and pages! Another blessing!

I really am ready to be a full time writer when I am dedicated enough to write in 90° weather!

Dinner was ribs ribs ribs and corn on the cob that R grilled. Wonderful (Saturday night was cheesy bratwursts).

And then the infamous Contessa and Count deGaea Contest and Talent Show! Each year a number of men get in drag—almost always straight men—and the hilarity ensues as they compete to be the “sexist.”—with the winner being declared Contessa deGaea for the year. A couple years ago they decided things were not fair or politically correct and now women vie for the position of Count. It is much fun with lots of terrific acts besides.

But weirdly there was on one contestant for Contessa, but three for Count and all three were terrific including one who sang this hilarious song about a squirlel that got lose in a Baptist church. I thought I would fall off my chair.

Then it was a charity cocktail party that was quite nice—but once again, the evening quieted early. So we headed to Leather Lane again, just in case, and we are so glad we did. We made new friends and sang songs with a very talented guitar player included Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here and Don McClean’s American Pie.

And then it began to rain….

People are quite shocked to see what a b*tch I can turn into when I get wet while camping. But interestingly enough it was a calm rain and cooling in the hot night and we just walked back to camp, me without even holding up my umbrella. It never rained hard at all and with the tarp “porch” outside out van, we didn’t even close the door but climbed into bed and drifted off to sleep with the sweet sound of the rain hitting the roof.


We got up very late and went to Pixie Sticks where the sexy Odin made us a breakfast of biscuits and gravy. I didn’t know you could make biscuits over a flame but he sure did and it was delicious.

Finally we went and folded up camp. The sun had come up and everthing was dry and not muddy in the least, praise Cheese-Its! (that’s an in joke for LBLD people, sorry)

We stopped on the way home and had 99 tacos that were very good and headed home.

All in all a wonderful weekend!

And now I sit here simply basking in the blessings and looking forward to my next great adventure.

Life is good
And I wish you were there….
B.G. Thomas


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