Day 248 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Thankful for Camp Gaea

20150729_134630 C

“Every spell is a journey.”
~~ Lawren Leo

“Then, things get hard, because once you know magic exists, you have to decide whether to be the bystander, or the magician … and we were all born to be magicians.”
~~ Dianna Hardy,

There really is no place like Camp Gaea.

It has inspired so much of my life. Effected so much of my life. Turned my life around. Given me peace and balance and foundation.

It is because of Camp Gaea that I discover Midwest Men’s Festival. I was at my very first Laid Back Labor Day and I was sitting around the dining hall and I saw these photobooks. Someone had left albums full of pictures.

And I recognized one of the people in some of the pictures. “Hey,” I said. “I know him!”

Turns out the photographer was sitting right there. “You know him?”

“I do,” I said. “Where were these taken?”

“Oh, that’s Midwest Men’s Festival.”

“Midwest Men’s Festival?” I exclained! I heard about that years and years ago! I’ve been looking for it for at least a decade!

Well that was my lucky day. Because the photographer gave me all the information I needed to find the center point in which my whole life revolves.

That is only one of the things that Camp Gaea gave to me.

It also gave me healing.

In many ways.

First of all it was a place that DM, my ex, refused to go. I don’t know why. There are aspects of it that are right up his alley. Or was at the time. I don’t presume to know who he is today. And when I broke up with him I needed things that were not him.

And Gaea was not him.

R was interested though. He would go with me. And we would camp and swim and snuggle and make love and it was (and is) a very magickal place.

There are many sacred places at Camp Gaea. Magickal places. One of them is called Hern’s Hollow and it honors the masculine. It is a lovely place. Quite. Green. Mossy. Grassy.

A circle of stones has been set there, as well as a cairn, and it is an amazing place to meditate. I have gone there many times in the past decade.

One time R and I went to Gaea to camp and I decided to head to Hern’s. I went there and something…weird happened. I don’t expect anyone to believe me, but when I got there that day, when I approached the circle of stones, I heard something in my head.

Take off the sandals from thy feet for you are walking on holy ground.

I don’t expect any one to believe me. But it happened. It was so powerful I have used it in my novels.

It was amazing. So I did it. I took my sandals off. And I went to the middle of the circle and I sat down and meditated.

Have I mentioned I had this huge bruise? Huge I would say it took up most of my thigh and was very deep purple and red.

I laid down on the moss and I imagined that I was sinking roots deep into the Earth. I imagine that my heart was reaching high into the sky. I calmed myself. I went into a trance. I am pretty sure I fell asleep.

I got back to camp just in time. With all the trees, once the sun sets it can get dark fast at camp. Especially where we had chosen to camp that night.

The next morning was glorious. I got out of my tent and stretch before the sun. Bathed in it. then I looked down. And I let out a shout. It was loud enough that R poked his head out of the tent to see what was wrong.

“Look!” I cried.

“What?” he asked.

I pointed at my thigh. Even he was amazed. My bruise was no bigger than a hand span and had turned yellow green. Two days later it was gone.

It’s true. And I have yet begun to tell my tales!

And I am getting to camp all weekend at Gaea!

What blessings there are in my life!

B.G. Thomas


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