Day 243 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for Helping Hands

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
~~ Maya Angelou

So I am working on this little story that is a week late and I suddenly realize that the little ditty needed an edit. It’s not for Dreamspinner Press but for the anthology that will be given out free at the big MM Romance event in October in San Diego.

I could turn it in the way it was or try and find someone to edit it fast. Today was the lastday I could turn the story in.

Then a name popped into my head. Sandra Harden, who runs a wonderful MM review blog called My Fiction Nook. We met at GRL last October and hit it off. It was only halfway through the meal that I realized just who she was—as a blogger that is. I just knew her as this really nice lady. It was a great time we had together and she made me almost cry with happiness at how well she knew my writing. I’ve thought of her as a dear friend ever since.

Anyway, she is an editor extraordinaire.

What could it hurt to ask?

So I sent her a message—she wasn’t online so I wasn’t sure when she would get it—and to my surprise she answered in moments.

And she did it. She did three rounds of edits in like an hour. And she polished my little tale and made it shine!

This is what community is all about. What makes is so special. So amazing.

She leapt when I needed help and helped me out fast! What kind of person does that?


A wonderful person, that’s who!

How about that? I am so lucky to have such selfless friends!

I love my life!

And thank you Sandra!
B.G. Thomas

Check out her blog, My Fiction Nook, right here:


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