Day 239 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ So Grateful for…Experience

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”
~~ Oprah Winfrey

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”
~~ Oprah Winfrey

In my life I’ve had a lot of experiences. Good. Not so good. Wondrous. Horrible. Heart-lifting. Heart breaking.

And with time I’ve come to appreciate them all—even the worst.

I had my gallbladder die inside of me and I was very sick and I was in the hospital for thirteen days and a lot of it was incredibly painful. But R was there every step of the way and my mom drove six hours and spent so much time with me. I can’t imagine when it would have been like without them. And I go out and I got better and I have experience….

I have been to Israel and Egypt. I have stood in places that Jesus once stood. I was there during Passover and witnessed the dining room staff removed half the buffet and replace it with what was proper to eat during that holiday. I walked into a tomb that some believe could have been the one where Jesus was placed after he died. I have looked up high at a Roman aqueduct and down at a colossal collapsed Ramesside statue and been in awe of the Sphinx as I gazed into its face and been inside a pyramid. And I have experience.

I flirted with a pretty red head at a pot luck at a friend’s house and got to know him and fell in love and met his family and got married and went to New Orleans for our honeymoon and it was in the paper and people recognized us at two different airports! It was a fairy tale. One that turned dark as I discovered he was a sex addict and fooled around on me hundreds of times and gave me sexually transmitted diseases and through a miracle didn’t give me HIV. I learned to value myself and pull away from codependence and learned self-worth and left him. And I have experience.

I saw this gorgeous guy gazing at me across a room and because I was so hurt and injured it pissed me off and I went and got in his face and said, “I think you’re f*cking hot!” (thinking it would scare him away) and he said, “Really? Wow. I’ve thought you were hot for years!”


We got to know each other and I fell in love again and we got married twice—once ten years ago with a big public celebration where over two hundred people came, and a second time last year in Baltimore, Maryland and it was legal and it was paid for by my fellow authors and readers and fans and friends. Another fairy tale and one that doesn’t seem to ever be ending.

And I have experience.

There has been dark—oh so dark—and there has been light—blazing shining light!

And I have learned that all of it is important. It all makes me a better person. It all teaches me to look for the good in everything. It all compels me to leap and trust that the net will appear.

And experience makes me a better writer because I can speak from the depths of my heart on so many issues.

One great thing about getting older is that you discover that it really does get better. I can look back at the worst of times clearly see it got better every time. So I know if something bad happens again—and in life bad things happen—I know it most assuredly will get better, no matter what.

That’s pretty awesome. Because good times or bad, overall? I love my life. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Good or bad, I have a wonderful husband whom I am legally married to, I have a daughter, I have about the best dog in the world, I have a house, and I am living my dream writing the kind of stories that make my heart soar—and hopefully reader’s hearts as well.

What could be better than that?

B.G. Thomas

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