Day 238 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ So Grateful for Google!


Sometimes I just can’t believe how lucky I am that Google exists. Before Google, or search engines in general, every time I needed a piece of information it could take me hours upon hours to find something as simple as the minimum wage in another year. To find a song that was popular in 1997 or even begin to try and figure out what kind of car a character would own.

Today I needed to know what the style for tuxedos were in 2007. I had the information is seconds.

I think a big reason that it took me so long to become a writer was that immense amount of energy it took to climb the mountain of a research problem. Even today I “loose” hours of writing in finding some piece of information that I need, some iota, some flotsam or jetsam to make a story just right.

Often when I write, there are flashbacks to other years. Maybe my characters are going to a concert, and I need to know what rock groups might have been touring. Or maybe they go to a movie on a date–what movie would they have gone to see. What T-shirt slogan would have been popular? What movie star would have been the one that made my guy realized he was gay?

Because of Google, which is my favorite search engine–I’ve tried a lot of them–I find endless piece of information that I need.

And it goes way beyond that.

How many times have I been watching a movie and thought–who is that guy? I know I’ve seen him before. With Google (and some IMDB!) I know in seconds. I can remember seeing a movie and it might be a year before I would have suddenly sat up and said, “Oh! Wolfgang from Sense8 was in Free Fall!”

I can’t tell how many times I’ve sat around with friends and we were trying to figure out something and I jokingly said, “Hmmmmm…. What if I had this device that would allow me to access this boundless source of information to find out the answer to that. Wait! I do!” And I take my cell phone and log onto the Internet.

I love Google.

I am so grateful for Google!

It is one of those simply but incredibly complicated things that makes my life easier and more productive.

And that is a lot to be grateful for!

And whenever I am tempted to be down or upset or angry about what I don’t have, I turn to this blog, and realize that my blessings are beyond number. I just have to look with the right eyes.

B.G. Thomas


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