Day 237 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ So Grateful for Love Stories

I think love stories make the world go around.

I think that at the heart of every great story is a love story.

Even in science fiction and fantasy movies it’s true. Look at Avatar or The Abyss or even Terminator.

Love stories. Would the story of Sarah Connor been anything without the time travler who came back to be with her? Would Indiana Jones have worked without Marion Ravenswood?

Not only is there a love story the axis for the revolutions of The Sound of Music or Westside Story or Titanic, but it’s right there in so many other stories. Hey! It’s right there in The Epic of Gilgamesh! Only about the oldest love story ever recorded—and it’s about two men! Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Deny it. I dare you. I dare you to say it isn’t a love story!

Yes, in all those adventures—a love story….

When I first started discovering gay novels I was very upset how many of them had tragic endings. It upset me. A lot. Except for the first one I read, The Lord Won’t Mind, over and over again the ending is someone dying of AIDS or being assassinated, or beat to death or, more often than not, with them breaking up and deciding that two men couldn’t find love.

And then there was Male Male Romance, with as far as I am concerned, Dreamspinner Press in the forefront.

Stories with happy endings. Stories that show that there can be tragedy—like I experainced with my first husband—and true ever-lasting love like I have found with my second. My legally wedded husband!

I have so many favorite authors that I dare not try and list them because I will leave someone out. Although I must include Eric Arvin, Mary Calmes, Rick Reed, Amy Lane, Jamie Fessenden, Renae Kaye, Michael Murphy, EM Lynley, John Inman, SJD Peterson, Michael Rupured, Connie Bailey, Ben Boney, Tere Michaels, Jeremy Pack… And I need to stop now because I am going to leave someone I love out. I’ve already left people out. No more. I will have trouble sleeping already because I left someone out….

And what a miracle that now I am writing these love stories. It is a dream come true! And I am doing it at Dreamspinner Press!

Where dreams really do come true.

What a life I lead!

B.G. Thomas


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