Day 235 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for Peace

“Nothing is worth more than this day”
~~ Goethe

“I exist as I am–that is enough;
If no other in the world be aware I sit content;
And if each and all be aware I sit content.”
~~ Walt Whitman

What a loverly day. As my friend Sal would say, brilliant!

After a hectic Saturday at work having to listen to the blow heart ETL talk and talk and talk and talk… peace….

This is one of those days that I appreciate what R loves so much about Brookfield.


Got up, made coffee, wrote, R got up early (for him), we went shopping in nearby Chillicothe and first went by Simpson Park and got pictures and climbed most of the way (it was scawy) to the top, then went to the store and got him some nice work clothes (he is reaching for promotions in other venues at work), had a surprisingly delicious Mexican lunch (it was Chillicothe after all, and not even Little Mexico in Kansas City), made one or two other little stops, took a very long nap, and now I am sitting here on our porch enjoying a divine afternoon.

And I am going to write now. Can’t wait actually.


No hustle and bustle. No need to be anywhere besides where I want to be. Which is writing. Sarah Jane at my feet, my legally wed husband inside watching Dr. Who, stunning weather—not too cold nor too warm—and peace.

And tonight R is making BBQ pork ribs and corn on the cob.

Could I have much more to be grateful for?

In the end it is the appreciation that makes me so peaceful and content.

And like draws like. I wonder what more peace I may draw to me today?

B.G. Thomas


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