Day 232 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ So Deeply Thankful for Solidarity

So the other day the wondrous and sweet and very kind Brandon Witt posted praises for my book Spring Affair; Seasons of Love – Book One. He published a very nice picture too. My book in front of a fireplace.

Well someone reported it for nudity! Tried to get Brandon in trouble

And obviously Facebook didn’t take it seriously.

Now that could be something to get me down or angry or hurt. It could have upset Brandon. Make me think about all those ugly people out there. Make me post like crazy about all the a$$holes out there.

But this is what happened instead.


Brandon posted my book again, and an even prettier picture. And it is getting cross-posted all over. Paul Richmond (the cover artist) and Connie Bailey, Diane Copeland, Bee Snow and Kate Pavelle all cross-posted it.

And oh the support! So many wonderful people! So many wonderful writers and readers!

Jamie Freeman and J. Scott Coatsworth and Susan Figueiredo Reaves and Becky Condit and Janet Black and heck! So many more! There are dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of “likes.” Countless likes because they are mounting as the news spreads.

Brandon posted yesterday, “to the lovely Pratt who reported my picture of this book yesterday, there’s a reason I worked with students with oppositional defiant disorder for a decade and a half. Guess what book you’re going to see on my timeline a bunch more? Hopefully, I’ll experience a twofold win. Rubbing your failed attempt at censorship in your face and advertising this gorgeous book that is worth fighting for.”


I am stunned.

And to the conservative, hateful and hate-filled person who reported my book…thank you. Thank you so much. I send you only love and light. I want to thank you for spotlighting my book and bringing it to the attention to so many people. I want to thank you for making sure people know about hate and set them to watching for it. To showing there is prejudice in the world (as if we needed proof).

But most off all, and I mean this, thank you for bringing so many people together in love and support of Brandon and of me and my book and the gorgeous cover by Paul Richmond.

I wish for you only love and light and balance and delight.

B.G. Thomas

Photographs by Brandon Witt and cover by Paul Richmond.


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