Day 225 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for Catfish

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
~~ Virginia Woolf

I love fish. I especially love catfish. Deep fried catfish.

It’s not the most healthy meal, especially when it’s deep fried. But oh it is so good.

Believe it or not one of the best places I’ve ever had it is from a little drive-thru Chinese place near my house. That is where I went tonight on my way from work.

I am worn completely out and aching all over (and it is only day one of my week!) but oh it has ended on a good note.


The best I’ve ever had is from Mad Jack’s on Troost Ave. But I didn’t feel like driving one more block than I had to today. Too tired.

But oh this catfish was good! Crispy on the outside with a wonderful breading, and white and hot and flakey on the inside. It came with some mediocre french fries, but that’s okay….

Sarah Jane loves french fries! So she got a treat too!

And it also came with a crab rangoon!

I also picked up what will be my lunches for the next two days. Baked potatoes with chili on top! Much healthier, very low in calories and Weight Watcher Points as well.

Tonight I am happy to be home with my husband (I never get tired of saying that word!) and my little dog Sarah Jane, with a tummy full of catfish, watching a bit of The Secret (hard to eat and write) and now I have some time to work on the last third of my new story for Dreamspinner Press.

I don’t care how a day goes, when it ends like this, then I am happy.

B.G. Thomas


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