Day 216 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ So Grateful for a Great Day of Productivity

Pre-Spooky Bear Prty--Provincetown, Mass 2010 by Alan Charlesworth

When the Writer’s Block fell, if that was what it was, boy did I start making up for lost time. In the last month or so I’ve written a good seventy thousand words, and that includes my vacation, where I didn’t get nearly as much writing done.

Put the novel on the back-burner for just a week or so in order to get a promised novella to Dreamspinner Press and I’ve written almost five thousand words today. And I still have a couple more hours to write before I need to go to bed!

I am loving this story! This is the one I should have written for A Taste of Honey, but editing the darned thing took up so much time and energy—especially energy, good God, how does Anne Regan and Shannon Shell do it on a regular basis??—I wasn’t able to do so before now. Yes, once again it is about a guy with flaws learning how to be a little less-flawed. My cutesy characters are few and far between, at least as far as the main protagonist us concerned. Yes! It’s a bear story and it might be one of my best novellas yet, riveling even Grumble Monkey and the Department Store Elf. Sorry, I can’t reveal anything else at this time!

For those who have been poking me and wondering when something new is coming out, due to the fact that it is approximately going to be a good six months—not counting my deliciously spooking and romantic story Unfinished coming out in the Spirit anthology in October, get prepared for me finally delivering lots of stories on a very regular basis.

For those who believe in that kind of stuff, I would appreciate prayers and visionings.

“R” is still supportive, but my lack of writing for a good four months has dropped those quarter end earnings and scared him a little bit—at the critical time I need to quit my Evil Day Job and write fulltime.

The people at the Center for Spiritual Living teach that I am supposed to know that it is already done. That all that I need has lined up, I am simply waiting for it to be revealed. I can believe this. I have seen it countless times before. The Universe can see around the bend in the road that I can’t. My lack of ability to see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

So…. Conceive, Believe, Receive!

I am claiming it.

And in the meantime, it’s been a very productive day!

Thank you Universe!

B.G. Thomas

PS: The photograph, “Pre-Spooky Bear Prty–Provincetown, Mass 2010,” was used by permission of the photographer Alan Charlesworth. Hey! I am grateful for that too! Thank you Mr. Charlesworth!


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