Day 213 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ So Very, Very Grateful for a Surprising Lack of Stress


1) Be Impeccable With Your Word.
2) Don’t Take Anything Personally.
3) Don’t Make Assumptions.
4) Always Do Your Best.
~~ Don Miguel Ruiz,
The Four Agreements

So today was my second day back at the Evil Day Job–and it was surprisingly stress free.

But this is what was wonderful, and even more surprising….

Both days had very real potential stress. Big stress. But just as I was about to fall into the old pattern and therefore have a horrible and bleak day…I was lifted up.

I truly heard, and applied, my Higher Self’s advise: It’s not your worry.

Yesterday the Evil Team Lead was in a state and ready from second one to get on my case. I mentally blew him off. Nothing he did upset me. No a jab. Not a sneer. Not a roll of his eyes. Not the rise in his tone of voice. I practically yawned in his face–I did not a actually do it, that would be disrespectful–but I did ywan inwardly and the day never got stressful.

Then today we were hit by an avalanche of work. It was unbelievable. The team lead had an emergency–a real one and I put prayers in that direction–and that left two people. To do about four or five people’s work.

I felt myself getting stressed. I let it be known we desperatly needed help and was told to get the acting team lead to get help from another department. We never got any help despite the hundreds and hundreds of times we have helped every other department.

I almost stressed. I felt it coming on. What if an imporatant job goes out late? What if we leave the department a complete mess for the next shift? How are we going to get the work done? Will I be able to do it? What hell am I about to go through?

Then I realized…truly really realized…that it was okay. That is was not my problem. If the managers of other departments didn’t care one whit…what was I getting worried about???

It’s not my company. It’s not my neck if something goes wrong. I didn’t have adequate help. They don’t care. Why should I?

So this is what I did.

I did my best.

I did my job.

I did not stress.

And I most assuredly didn’t kill myself. I turned in an honest day’s work. I can be very, very proud of how hard I worked.

But I did not kill myself.

I took my breaks. I took the proper time and didn’t cheat the clock like almost everyone does–not even by a minute.

My Karma is clean.

The department was turned over to the next shift. And it was a disaster. So much my work partner and I did not get done. Huge amounts of work not finished. The night shift is going to have a fit–and deservedly so.

That’s okay.

It has been pointed out that all this company wants me to do is show up on time, do my job, and leave. They don’t me to question. They don’t want my ideas. They don’t want my thoughts. They don’t want my opinions.

That’s okay.

I feel so good. I did my best. That was all I could do. Tonight I am a happy man.

And best of all? I am not worn to the bone like I am most nights.

A new era hhas begun.

B.G. Thomas

photograph by noesis from morgueFile


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