Day 210 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for a Cool Night…and a Cabin


“A perfect night… a perfect forever”
~~ Mary E. Pearson

The last several days have been in the nineties and the evenings a bit stifling. It didn’t stop me from having a wonderful time, but still…

Last night, some time after midnight, the rain came…again…but this one brought a drop of temperature.

When I got back to my cabin after hours of talking with friends I had to turn the fan off in the cabin…and was almost chilly!

And I had no blanket. I haven’t needed one except for one night early during festival. I had no blanket because, not really thinking and wanting to have as little as possible to take back home, I had “R” take it with him.

Which leads to the sad thing.

R had to go back to work today so I was sort of sad and feeling lonely last night…which leads to the good thing, and that was the fact that my brother attendees where there for me in spades and kept me grounded and happy. But then I got back to the cabin…and I was alone. For the first time in days.

I drove down in a rain that was almost pouring—so grateful that I drove up in the first place—and I thought I saw someone on the porch, which was how I even knew I was were I was supposed to be on the little winding road–in the dark and the pouring rain–and I pulled over and got out of the car and was instantly soaked…and there was no one of the porch.

Had the guy on the other side of the cabin just stepped out for a quick smoke and went back in because the roof overhang wasn’t sheltering him?

Or perhaps there hadn’t been anyone there at all…?

Stranger things have happened at Camp Gaea.

But alone or not, it was so nice to have that temperature drop. Alone in that big bed, it was nice to have the much cooler cabin to lie down in. I briefly worried about the men in tents—tents can leaking in a hard rain. But I was so grateful to have a cabin, and that I was dry (after a quick toweling that is) and was asleep almost instantly.

I slept well too—except for one weird dream that I already can’t recall. I woke up just as it was getting it’s weirdest—and the reality of the singing birds outside my cabin window banished what ever images had been closing down on me.

It is a very cool morning as I write this. Not too cool. Just right.

And today is the last full day of Festival. No agenda today. Just relaxing and deciding if I even want to stay a last night or head off after dinner. I make no decision until late in the day. I will pack my car with everything except my little cooler and the bedding and the “boy clothes”—non sarong wear that is, shorts, a T-shirt, the kind I will have to wear when I drive out of camp. I will let my Inner Knowledge tell when to leave, tonight or early in the morning.

And I am so grateful for so much. But this morning I am most grateful for a pleasant night and having a cabin—even though its only real amenities are electricity and a sure knowledge I didn’t have to worry about rain and having my bedding soaked and no ablity to get dry.

Now my mission is not to be sad that Festival is coming to an end for another year, and that I won’t see my brothers for another year, but to rejoice at what a good time I had. And to relish in the memories of another wonderful year.

It’s a heck of a lot to be grateful for!

B.G. Thomas


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