Day 208 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful For Confirmation

“It never stops to amaze me how God sends the right people at the right stage of your life as a confirmation to let you know that you’re not crazy.”
― Assegid Habtewold

One of the most delightful things that has happened this year at Midwest Men’s Festival is a confirmation of not only my writing, but of my novel Summer Lover.

I have a sweet friend who goes by the camp name as Tippy. Tippy edits for Dreamspinner Press. In fact I found out last night that I was instrumental in him wanting to work for DSP. He said he can’t write (but boy can he sing!) but he is an excellent editor. He has worked himself up to actually being hired staff.

A couple weeks ago he was contacted by his “boss” who asked him if he had time to edit a novel. No, he said, he was going camping the two weeks of July out in the woods in the middle of nowhere for a men’s festival.

Very quickly he got a response. Really? Is that by any chance the same festival that B.G. goes to?

Why yes, he said.

Then almost immediately there came responses from editors saying, So…is the real festival really like what he describes in the book? Is it really that magic?

I was brought to happy tears when he said that, yes, except for the fact that the two main characters are fictional, that I had caught the real event so closely that when he reads it (note, I didn’t say read it—past tense) that it is like being at Festival.

The response was something to the effect that, Gosh! I want to go soooo bad! There’s just one problem. I don’t have the right body parts.

It pleases me so much to have confirmation that I got it right. When someone reads Summer Lover, it really is like being there. Well I can say there isn’t a whole lot of hallucinatory mushrooming going on (or consumption of magical saguaro cactus for that matter)! That was the handfull of men Scott was hanging out with and it’s the exception rather than the rule.

All this was enough to make me very happy. But then another Festival brother, who’s faerie name is The Little Bearded Girl From St. Louis, said that often, he finds it hard to try to describe Festival to men who might be interested in going. But now he can point them to my book. Whoa! Again my eyes filled with tears.

And then there are all the men who bought the book at the release party of Summer Lover here at Festival last year—every single comment has been so wonderful and so happy and so confirming. Why one man told me—this is his first year—that the YouTube video of the sarongs around our cabin and my book led him here.

Yes, Festival really is that magick. And yes—oh my gosh!—how amazing to have a confirmation that I somehow managed to capture a magick that is very had to describe (and maybe why it’s my longest book—it took a while to bring that magick across). And yes, for anyone who is male and who reads the book and thinks that magick could help them, look us up! Midwest Men’s Festival is online!

In the meantime I am just so happy and so grateful. Not only that I got it “right.” But that I found the magickal place that inspired my book. And I am loving it this year. And I still have four more days!

B.G. Thomas


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