Day 203 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for Walking the Steps

Camp Gaea has an infamous set of steps. That’s the word for it. Yeah. infamous

Camp Gaea has several levels. There is the first level, where the gate is, and the lake. Then up a steep hill there is the second level. This has the buildings like main hall and the shower house and the kitchen/dining hall. Several cabin are to the south of these buildings and several go up the winding hill to the north. The road lead to the upper and final level where the pavilion is located (where there has been many a Know Talent Show and charity auction) and the are where most people tent.

So you can walk the long and winding road to get up top, or you can take the stairs. There are sixty of them. Some times it seem like six hundred.

To quote Summer Lover, “the old steps were made of rocks and blocks of stone and wound back and forth up to the top of the plateau, and ‘if you think you were afraid of snakes, trust me you were very afraid in those days,’ and these wooden steps were ever so much better….”

The old steps were pretty, but treacherous, because it was all natural slabs of rock cut out of the hill. The were not even, could be quite slippery, and yes—snakes.

The new steps were a contribution by a group that holds an event at Gaea every year. And they are steep. Very steep. But ever so much better than the stone steps or the “long and winding road.”

Unless you are not in the physical shape to navigate them. And I will say now that before my new artificial knees, I could not walk these steps! No way. And when I was much heavier than I am now, I always, always had to stop halfway up and the little area provided for just that purpose. There were times I thought I would never make it.

This year I am walking from my cabin, up the steps without stopping, and then across the top of the ridge to where my friends camp. Without stopping. I’m winded. I want to see who can do it without being winded.

But I am doing it!

I can do it with my new knees! And I can do it at this healthier weight! And because I feel better.

What a blessing! I am near tears.

Because you never know what you have…until you don’t have it anymore. And if you find some way to get it back? Trust! It is wondrous!

And I am truly grateful!

B.G. Thomas

This is a view looking down the steps. You can see the rest spot at the top of the photo. This part is halfway down (or up!)



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