Day 202 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for Grocery Shopping

Tuesday is the first day of Midwest Men’s Festival and one of the first duties that must be done so the event can function is the great big annual shopping trip extravaganza!

Somewhere around a dozen of us pile into as many cars as possible (we need room for the tons of food) and head into Tonganoxie and then Lawrence.

We buy lots and lots and lots of food: produce, cheese, various food items, coffee from a local roaster, corn from a local farm, bread from a local baker (we like to buy from small businesses in the greater community) and so much of what we get is very healthy and organic when possible.

It occurred to me today that it is not only a blessing to be a part of this great big annual shopping trip extravaganza, but to be even able to!

These two grocery stores carry almost anything the mind can imagine including an amazing variety of health foods and gluten free foods.

But just having the access to so much! The boy I sponsor through Children International doesn’t have a bathroom, shower, or running water at all in his home! I imagine he doesn’t have access to a High Vee either!

So much I take for granted.

Today I am grateful for grocery stores and the community of such wonderful men as go to MMF.

And today is just day one. I can’t imagine how much I am going to have to be grateful for by the time this even is over!

B.G. Thomas


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