Day 201 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for a First Night at Camp

B.G. Thomas: I would rather be delusional and happy…
Domi: …than be sane and miserable!
~~ MMF 2015

It was a wonderful day and a lovely evening. Got to spend quality time with people I care about. And one of the things I think about when I am with these brothers is this….

We don’t talk about sports. None. Pretty much hardly ever.

We don’t talk about whatever is important to 99% of the people I deal with on a daily bases.

We do talk about wonderful life is. We talk about our achievements and we urge each other on. We have hours long conversations about visualizing and how we can have whatever we want—if we believe.

I got to spend a lot of time with my friend Domi, including alone time and that was wonderful because one thing I was really looking forward to at this years’s Festival was seeing and getting quality time with Domi.

And the conversation that was not about sports but lots of far more interesting things. Domi told me (everybody else had gone to bed) about how earlier in life he would often imagine that his “place” it the world would contain a hot tub and nature and this little creek coming down into a diagonal and make this nice sound and…”then one day as I was sitting in my hot tub and looking out at the lovely grotto behind my house and the creek that was coming down diagonally and I suddenly realized that I was living my dream. I was living exactly what I had imagined all those years ago. I visualized it into being.

This is true stuff!

I know I can have anything that I desire. All I have to do is visualize it.

So I was sitting there last night, arm tossed over my head, wearing my gorgeous new sarong, the breeze through the trees so nice…and then quite suddenly I realized something. One of my main reasons for wanting to come to camp was so that I could see Domi. And I think, oh my gosh! This is exactly what I have been thinking about for three weeks! It is Sunday night—two nights before Festival has even started—and I have already had what I wanted. Festival started Domi. And then, everybody else was gone and it was just me and Domi and we talked for…well I don’t know how long!

I have made my want come true two days before Festival has even started!


And what could the rest of my twelve days hold for me if I only believe and I spread my arms and open my heart and believe in miracles? I do believe this! I have seen it happen in small ways and large ways and gigantic ways so I know this is real!

After the age of 50 I sold my very first professional story. I now have seven novels and numerous novellas and short stories in print and I am hopefully within six weeks of leaving my Evil Day Job. If it all works out the way I am thinking it will, it’s going to be amazing! The perfect part-time job is going to present itself—it is all going to work out.

That is an indescribable joy at being my age. I have now lived long enough to see that “it gets better.” It really does. In fact it has better several times in my life. Something might fall out from under me—a home, a death, a disease, the loss of a spouse…but I can take comfort in knowing this—it will get better. It has. Every single time.

If I believe.

And if I think that, when I go part-time, everything bad thing that could happen will happen and that I will fail and I will get writer’s block and my books won’t sell…then guess what? Every bad thing that could happen will happen and that I will fail and I will get writer’s block and my books won’t sell!

It’s a fact.

But I choose to believe that all my dreams, each and everyone of them, is coming true—then it will. I’ve been witnessing it happen!

And if I am delusional for believing the “stuff” I believe in? If I am off my rocker in believing all of this stuff? If I have been brainwashed into believing in New Age-ie bull$#1t?

Well I can state this and state in clearly.

I would rather be delusional and happy, than sane and miserable.

That’s what it comes down to.

B.G. Thomas

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