Day 195 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ So Grateful for Sea Dragons

Sea Dragons 4

There is only One Life
That Life is perfect
The Life is God’s Life
That Life is My Life now.

It might seem silly but my heart is racing. They are so extraordinarily lovely and graceful. I look at these lovely creatures and can’t help but believe in God.

I have been watching this show called Life on and off this afternoon in the background while I am writing and now and again I get drawn back to the screen by the unbelievable beauty of our planet and the incredible variation of life.

I have always loved animals but it was the extraordinary sweetest and love and devotion of Sarah Jane that catapulted me into a love affair with life. I look into her eyes and know there is a god.

It made me sit up and take notice the first time I heard these lyrics by Karen Drucker….

My religion is kindness
My church is Nature
My God is a feeling
That lives deep in side
My job is to be conscious
My path is forgiveness
My religion is kindness
And I practice every day

For anyone who wants to know, that’s me. That’s my life. That’s my path. That’s my philosophy‎.

And when I look at animals. When I see the great variety…. When I see them struggle to survive…. When I see them mate and raise their young…. When I see a mother and grandmother elephant struggle to rescue and baby from a watering hole all clogged with mud…. I know there is a God.

It wasn’t some cosmic accident that I sit here typing on this planet full of some many peoples and ways of life and so many animals and birds and fish and reptiles and amphibians. And that’s on this planet. I see pictures of the canyon on Mars and the great volcano as well. I think that the probe has passed Pluto today and we are going to see all kinds of pictures and I am filled with awe about all of it.

And I know there is a most perfect God.

And this God does not hate and It does not punish and It knows only love.

And I sit and watch Sea Dragons swim and court and mate and have babies….

And I know there is a God.

B.G. Thomas

Sea Dragons 1

Sea Dragons 2

Sea Dragons 3

Motion captures from the televsion series Life.


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