Day 194 for 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for Clean Teeth

“Smiling is definitely one of the best beauty remedies. If you have a good sense of humor and a good approach to life, that’s beautiful.”
~~ Rashida Jones

I went to the dentist for my teeth cleaning this morning. I grew up not liking going to the dentist–but then a lot of people don’t. But I’ve got a good dentist now and he’s gay which means I can ask questions I wouldn’t normally be able to ask! LOL….

He’s pretty good and I have insurance which gives me two free teeth cleanings a year. It used to be pretty awful but by consistent and making sure I was going twice a year it was getting to be a better and better experience where I am often out of there pretty fast. In fact, he is so affordable that I go ahead and get three cleanings a year, and pay for one. It makes it even easier and faster and my one serious problem, the sure signs that I would have gum disease, have been taken away. He also says I will probably never have another cavity again as long as I live. Genetics got me good when it came to my teeth. I haven’t had a cavity since I was in like fourth grade or something.

Yesterday R and I stopped someplace to eat and I saw this lady and all she had was three big teeth on the top right side of her mouth. I know she was younger than me.

These two things really hit me and made me realized how fortunate I am in not only having good teeth, not only turning back any possibilities I had of getting gum disease, but also that I even have access to good tooth and gum care. I know so many people who don’t. Who when a serious problem comes along they have to go to the local dental college and let students take care of them!


Boy have I heard horror stories.

And once again I am hit by how fortunate a person I am. How I might not live in the ranch-style house I want with a hot tub with a big privacy fence all located somewhere in the United States where I never have to see another single fripping snowflake as long as I live…but I have so much!

A husband, a daughter, a sweet dog, a house, a gorgeous garden, very good friends, wonderful experiences, a budding and growing writing career…soooooooooo much!

And good teeth! And access to medical care!

In the scheme of things I have so little to really bitch about and so many, many things to appreciate…and take for granted. I actually live a life where I CAN take so much for granted. Things that people who do anything for.

It’s humbling.

But it also electrifying.

And it is why I write this blog.

To remind myself to see with good eyes. To see clearly. And to know that life is good. It really is. As long as I look with the right eyes.

Much Love,
B.G. Thomas

PS: That ranch-style house is comeing…. Whatever my mind can conceive, if I believe, it can be achieved!

photograph by JilliBean from morgueFile

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