Day 193 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful


That’s it. That is what I am saying. I am thankful.

So thankful.

And technically, I have failed today to keep my 365 Days of Silver. It is after midnight.

But I was so caught up in my awesome day and being so grateful for everything that happened that I was living my 365 Days of Silver instead of writing about it. I was just enjoying LIFE!

The morning started with an amazing service at the Center for Spiritual Living.

I spent good time with my husband today.

I spoke with one of my favorite people from Men’s Festival. I adore him.

Men’s Festival is so close!

I got to watch a lot of quality television today. Really really good shows!

I read.

I wrote good stuff!

I talked to my dear friend Noah–who I adore and who I have never met face to face….

So I am thankful for the Internet that gave me the ability to meet and love him as well as people all over this planet including people from Whales, Australia, Iceland, Canada, Mexico, Germany and much much more.

I am still up! I haven’t gone to bed! So I count this as still in check with my 365 Days of Silver.

Because all I can see is the Silver Linings. That, and love….

B.G. Thomas

photograph by wisleywoven


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